How to deal balance work while surrounded with toxic people at work?

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Workplace politics, gossipy colleagues, mean competitiveness, and nagging are the part and parcel of corporate life. But losing your morale or impressing peers is not the solution. There comes a time when you have to put your foot down and create boundaries. So, how can you deal with challenging situations and negative people in office? Read the below-mentioned tips and regain work-life balance:

Don’t give them your mental space: There will be conniving and nitpicking people all around but quitting is not the solution. At times, confronting them directly is also not possible and cribbing will only disturb your mental peace. So, the first step is to stop giving them attention and over thinking about them. Your sanity is more important first and only then you can think about a permanent solution. In other words, don’t let a gossipy and negative person rule your mind.

Deal professionally not personally: In a professional environment, it is normal to strike friendship or get personal with colleagues but at the time, we don’t realize that the person we are getting close with may not reciprocate the same trust and loyalty. Instead, he/she might be the one giving away your information to the seniors or using against you. So, when you find someone is going against you then keep distance and deal with them professionally rather than getting personal.

Complaint rather than backlash: If things go out of hands or you feel that a specific colleague is instigating superiors against you then clear your doubts by talking to seniors. Often, some people have a habit of hovering or interfering in your work and then talking behind your back. Backlash is not the solution and it is important to give heads up by complaining to the seniors before things go out of hands.

Listen what they have to say: According to the renowned corporate trainers and motivational leaders, it is important to listen to what these conniving people want to say to you rather than giving them your piece of mind. To know more about strategies to deal with office politics check out books and audio CDs available at best rates and discounts and learn the tactics.

Network with other colleagues: Expand your network in the company by interacting with colleagues from different departments. When you will have a good reputation and strong network base, then if there is any politics then there where will be many people to speak well about you and support you in challenging times.

Respond rather than react: The last but not the leader Golden rule about dealing with such toxic people is by responding them rather than reacting. They might instigate you but rather than indulging in arguments with them, it is better to be short and crisp with them and respond with silence and positivity as and when required.

Remember, when you are at your best behavior and not leaving any loopholes to pinpoint, nobody can malign you. So, never indulge in verbal conflicts and stay calm while dealing with negative people in the workplace.

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