How to Choose the Right Dog For You

It is very important that you carefully consider what breed you would like to have before bringing a dog to your home. The eyes of a big brown puppy or puffy energy ball may easily get you in the mood. Still, remember that having a dog means having a long time socializing, so it’s best for your pet and you to be compatible.

When choosing a dog, you should choose the type that fits your lifestyle. The fact is that with proper upbringing and appropriate socialization, any dog ​​can become the perfect pet.

In addition to breed, age is another important thing to consider when getting a dog. Since puppies require a lot of work and training, you may need to ask yourself, “Would it be better for me to adopt an adult dog?” If you do not have enough time to devote yourself to raising a restless puppy! If you are sure that the puppy is the best choice for you, then the fun part comes – finding your new furry friend.

The only major difference between a race dog and a mixed-breed dog is ​​that when it comes to a race dog, you have a good chance of predicting in advance most of the general physical and psychological characteristics of a particular race. When it comes to them it is possible due to their origin – parents and other ancestors belonging to the same race and bred to meet certain characteristics.

However, most people find that buying a breed dog also buys a guarantee of health and temperament. That is simply not true. Some individuals deviate from the breed-specific temperament, and it also happens that irresponsible breeders breed their animals without prior medical examination, and these puppies may suffer from some genetically inherited diseases characteristic of the breed.

Mixed-breed dogs, on the other hand, offer several advantages that are often overlooked by future owners. For example it turns out that mixed-breed dogs are more resistant and are much less likely to suffer from hereditary diseases, unlike most race dogs. The size, appearance and temperament of most blends can also be predicted. If you recognize the racial combination in the origin of the mix, you can roughly predict how the puppy is most likely to look or behave when he or she grows up.

The big advantage of mixes is that they vary in size, appearance, color, hair length and demeanor, so your choice is not limited to a specific type, but you can find the dog just the way you want it and be sure it will be unique and unique. The mixed-breed dog is ​​as intelligent as any other dog, and is equally capable of obedience training or sports such as agility.

And finally, the most important reason for choosing a dog mix is ​​certainly humanity. Most abandoned animals are killed on the street or euthanized in shunts. By showing good will and adopting an abandoned animal, you will save her life and secure a happy future, and in turn get a loyal friend for life.

One of the breeds that is adjustable and has most of the attributes that we have mentioned are Goldendoodle puppies, who is a cross-bread of golden retriever and a poodle. The Golden Retriever and Poodle blend is certainly one of the most modern blends. They shed less than golden retrievers, and they are great friends!

Shedding is a normal biological process by which the body of an animal is released from dead hair and contrary to popular belief, there is no breed of dog that does not shed at all. However, individual races such as poodles, terriers, or Schnauzers shed up much less than most other races.

In addition to several hairless breeds, there are short-haired, long-haired and sharp-haired dogs. Some have undercoat (two coats of hair) and others do not. The amount of time you have available for brushing and combing should also depend on the length of your pet’s hair. Long-haired dogs need daily brushing and combing, both for their health and to prevent hairs from frizzing and to maintain hygiene in the home, while short-haired dogs need less brushing – once or twice a week.

So, if you are choosing a dog, this are some of the things you need to pay attention to!