How to Choose a Tracking Product Suitable for your Business

When you’re running and managing your own business, one of the essential aspects that you have to keep track of is the productivity of your employees. You’ll want to have the ability to measure how much they’re contributing to your daily operations. Especially when you’re managing a huge workforce, you need the help of tools, apps, and products for more effective tracking.

That said, here are some tips to guide you to help you choose the best tracking products for your business:

1. Choose Trackers That Show Results, Not Just Hours Worked

One of the very first things that ever come to mind when talking about productivity is that you want to double-check the number of hours that your team has done. But, this shouldn’t always be the case. The number of hours worked doesn’t necessarily equate to productivity. Hence, also have to choose a tracker that shows results.

A tracker that shows results give you details as to what your team has accomplished for the day. Remember, productivity increases when your whole team is more results-oriented, as opposed to time-oriented.

2. Choose Those With Features That Align With Your Goals

When you’re in business, you’ve got different goals. There’s no hard-and-fast rule to follow for all business establishments. In this regard, trackers are created to have various features. You’ve only got to choose the one that best highlights and coincides with your goals, too. Else, the tracker’s efficacy is only going to be futile.

The best way for you to decide if the tracking product meets this is to ask yourself, “What do I wish to achieve by tracking the results and time of my employees?” The answer to this question is personal and dependent on your company policy and company culture.

When the features of the tracker are in line with your goals, you’re able to be more efficient with your operations. And, your subscription and payment will not go to waste.

3. Choose The Tracker That Allows You To Communicate

Communication is one of the best keys to productivity. While you can’t meet your entire workforce at once whenever you want to, an excellent tracking product, such as one from Jira Alternative, can do this for you.

Rather than having to open one different app every time, it can do you so much good when everything is in a single convenient app. That way, you have a better sense of transparency with your workforce. If there’s any message that you want to come across right away, you can do this in that instant.

For example, there’s a thing known as biorhythm. This means that you know whenever each team is active. Right there and then, you can see their progress. Hence, if there’s anything you wish to point out at that moment, it’s something that you can conveniently and successfully do.

4. Choose The Option That’s Easy To Use

While you may get excited about the features that are available in your tracker, one of the crucial considerations is that it should be easy to use. When you don’t know how to efficiently operate the tracker you’re using, then you’re only going to regret your choice; you’ll be wasting a lot of money.

Imagine the disappointment that you’re going to feel when there’s something you’d want to do. Unfortunately, you’d have to call for the help of an expert member in your team to do it successfully. With a tracker that’s easy to operate, it becomes so much simpler for you to go about with your productivity goals and easily monitor your employees.

5. Choose The Tracker That Is Heavy Enough To Store Your Data

Because you’re going to be running the entirety of your workforce, you’ll want to ensure that you have enough data space. That way, you don’t have to keep purchasing more add-ons just for you to receive and review new files and whatnot.

All other factors taken aside, the data storage should top your list. After all, how can you view and assess results, if suddenly, you no longer have enough space to fit these all in. 


With the numerous options of tracking products available in the markets today, you’ve got to be able to narrow down your choices. You can’t just sign up for all of the tracking products that you immediately see. After all, they’re also quite pricey.

Use these tips to guide you, and soon enough, you’ll be on your way towards applying the most effective tracking products for your business.