How to Buy From Copart Without a Dealer License

So, you need a car and you don’t want to spend much money on it. You decide to head to over to one of the biggest auto auctions in the USA –, and have a look at salvage car listings. Indeed, the idea seems good and soon you find a salvage car that looks fairly nice, runs and drives, and costs cheap. And this is where the problem borns.

If you have already browsed online auto auctions, you definitely noticed that some vehicles are available for purchase only with a dealer license. However, that doesn’t mean that you should necessarily purchase it. If you want to know how to bid on Copart without a license, keep on reading this article to find a few tips.

Why auctions need a dealer license

The online auto auction that offers salvage vehicles for sale, including Copart, follows strict governmental regulations. In the USA, state laws determine what vehicles you can bid on depending on whether you buy cars for personal or business needs.

Also, different states have their special requirements for selling and purchasing salvage car according to the damage type they have.

Bidding on no-license vehicles

Though the greater amount of salvage vehicle is restricted for individual bidders, auctions offer limited listings that you can purchase without a license. On Copart, you can find this inventory under No License Required category.

These are vehicles available for bidding to public buyers without a business license. However, you should check out your state’s restrictions and bidding requirements to avoid spending time on a car you can’t buy due to regulations.

Find a broker to bid on all vehicles

If you want to freely bid on any vehicle from an auction website, think about requesting for a broker’s assistance. Copart offers a whole list of officially registered brokers that can bid on your behalf. Also, you can find a vast selection of brokers online that partner with other salvage auto auctions. However, you should note that those brokers should be qualified to bid in the state where you’re located.

If you decide to buy a salvage car from Copart, consider finding a vehicle first. After you choose it, check out a list of brokers who can help you buy that particular car taking into account its location and damage type. To complete the deal, you’ll need to register at a broker’s website, pay all commissions, and then buy a car listed on Copart from a broker.

Also note, that if you have any issues during the purchase process, you’ll need to resolve them with a broker, not Copart.

To sum up

Now you know how to buy a salvage car without a dealer license. Though the process doesn’t seem complicated, you need to remember that all other work remains on you. Wherever you buy a car (on Copart, another salvage auction, or from a broker), always check with the auction requirements to save your time and money. And don’t forget to plan further activities such as shipping, repairing, and obtaining insurance for a repaired car in your state. Wishing you fast and flawless deals.