How Therapy Can Help You Overcome More Than You Think

Life in general isn’t an easy road, and if you’re struggling with things like anxiety, addiction, or depression, therapy can help. For many people, seeing a therapist on a regular basis helps them strengthen their self-worth, recognize practical solutions to their problems, and increases their overall satisfaction with life.

The most common reasons people seek therapy are to:

  • Cope with the loss of a loved one
  • Deal with a complicated divorce
  • Get out of a deep depression
  • Recover from substance abuse
  • Feel good overall

If you’ve never tried any type of counseling before, it’s worth considering, especially if you’ve always brushed it off. You’ll be doing far more than simply talking to someone for an hour and then going back to your life. A therapist’s job is to listen, but they also guide you to find solutions and make beneficial changes in your life. 

Here’s how seeing a therapist can help you overcome just about any struggle you may be facing.

Online therapy sessions are just as effective as in-person visits

Perhaps the first thing that should be mentioned is that seeing an online therapist can produce the same positive results as in-person appointments. In fact, many people prefer to have an online therapist instead because it allows them to be more comfortable, eases anxiety, and gives them more choice regarding who they work with. If you’ve been avoiding therapy because you can’t make it to the appointments, an online therapist will make this wonderful service fully accessible to you.

Whether you’re dealing with opioid addiction, grief, anxiety, depression, divorce, or anything else, finding an in-person or online therapist in the Baltimore area is easy. Just browse the providers listed by TherapyTribe to find someone closest to you. You can review each therapist’s profile to see what they specialize in and make your choice from there.

Getting therapy online will make it easier for you to go about your regular routine without having to disrupt your day just to drive to an appointment. If this option is better suited for you, you’ll be glad you gave it a chance.

Sometimes just talking can help you see new things

Discussing your life with a therapist can sometimes help you come to your own realizations and aha moments about what you can do and what you need to change. For many people, just talking to someone opens up possibilities they never saw before.

This is one of the major benefits of talk therapy. Other benefits include learning coping strategies, feeling empowered, and learning how to communicate better in order to have your needs met and/or respected. 

Everyone has different mental health needs, and for those who choose therapy, there’s a high rate of success. Around 75% of people say psychotherapy is beneficial to them. 

Just trusting a therapist can help you feel better

It takes a lot of courage to walk into a room with a stranger and spill your guts to them about your personal life. If this is a barrier that keeps you from seeing a therapist, consider trying it at least once. You are not obligated to continue seeing a therapist you don’t like, and if it doesn’t feel right, you don’t have to find another professional. There is truly no risk involved by trying therapy once just to see what it’s all about.

When you try it, you might be surprised to see how much better you’ll feel just by sharing. The one thing that makes you feel afraid to open up just might be the very thing that will help you get relief.

If you’re skeptical about therapy and are adamant about not giving it a chance, it’s important to understand why you might have a strong resistance to therapy. In many cases, this resistance comes from the way most people operate in the world. They don’t let you speak, they put you on the defensive, invalidate your perspectives and experiences, and don’t really know how to listen. 

If this has been your experience, it won’t be like this with a good therapist. Therapists are trained to be excellent listeners and while they might question some of your self-limiting beliefs, they aren’t going to invalidate you. They’re going to help you see things from a new perspective so you can take back your power. 

Give therapy a try 

When you see a therapist, you really have nothing to lose. You don’t have to commit to anything more than one appointment at a time. If you need support, give therapy a chance and you might be pleasantly surprised at how much it helps.