How Gaston Rossato Turned His Side Hustle Into A Flourishing Automotive Dealership

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The Barn Miami is an online auto boutique with an inventory of over two million dollars currently – however, it was not always Gaston Rossato’s primary focus. While his father had been in the car business, Rossato went to college and worked as a claims adjuster with a major insurance company for a few years before he quit his job and started working on The Barn Miami full time. As someone who had always been interested in cars, Gaston would deal with vehicles on the side for fun. He knew that owning his own business and dealing with exotic cars was his ultimate goal – he had been ready to put his entrepreneurial skills into gear since he was nine years old, which is when he made his first car dealership.

Gaston Rossato (Courtesy photo)

The Barn Miami started in Gaston’s one-car garage – he would search for cars online, buy one and sell it with better marketing. This modern approach to buying and selling vehicles allowed his business to quickly expand from his backyard to his family and friends’ backyards – all of this took place while he was working full time. In 2014 Gaston secured a warehouse to operate out of, and the dealership has been growing ever since.

Rossato describes his business as a car dealership where some of the best and rarest cars come to find their new homes – he calls himself an advocate of car culture and believes that this business is his way of preserving this culture and the classic automobile. The cars are chosen with impressive precision. Each vehicle is hand-picked from private collections or private owners – ensuring that it is a valuable addition to someone’s collection. What makes The Barn Miami unique is that it’s not only a car dealership; it is where gearheads and car collectors will find their dream cars; from all-American muscle cars to Italian exotics and even motorcycles.

Gaston Rossato’s journey in the automotive industry is exemplary for all the people who are doubtful about pursuing their passion – he has proven that it is possible to do what you love and find happiness and success in it.