How Baltimore Businesses Can Support Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing has started to become a popular focus for businesses across the globe. Numerous recent studies have shown the importance of taking care of employee wellbeing in terms of productivity, job satisfaction, and motivation. However, despite its importance, many Baltimore businesses are yet to introduce wellbeing enhancing benefits into the workplace.

Here, we’ll look at some of the ways Baltimore businesses can do better to support employee wellbeing.

Incorporate nature into the workplace

One of the most significant findings into employee wellness in the US recently has been those who live in more rural areas are happier in their work. Employees working within busier cities tend to report a much lower job satisfaction score.

For businesses that are based within a city environment, there are ways to deliver the benefits of nature into the office. Adding plants, flowers and a scenic view can all really help to boost employee wellbeing. You’ll typically find employees perform better and are happier when they are in touch with nature. Even adding something like a natural wall, which is completely covered in greenery, can help boost employee wellness.

Provide financial support

Offering financial support to workers is another major way Baltimore employers can help their workers. Financial concerns make up one of the biggest factors cited for employee’s to be either happy or unhappy in the working environment.

The cost of living is high these days, and many employees suffer from financial troubles. Therefore, offering perks such as employee loans, can help to reduce financial stress and in turn boost employee productivity.

Ensuring they have engaging managers

One of the factors behind employee wellness is a community. In the recent index, it was revealed that employees who lived in a healthy, pleasant community were much happier in their job roles. For Baltimore businesses, this can be used to their advantage if they focus on hiring local talent.

In particular, local engaging managers can really help to boost local communities. You could also focus on introducing community-driven benefits. Giving back to the local community will improve it, in turn improving the lives of your employees.

Providing opportunities for the younger generation

At the moment, Baltimore’s unemployment rate for its younger generation is quite high. This means, there are many businesses missing out on the opportunities the younger generation can present. Offering internships, ensuring you advertise for job positions where younger candidates will see them and providing benefits specifically tailored to the younger generation can help.

If your Baltimore based business wants to keep its workforce happier, focusing on employee wellness is key. The happier your employees are, the healthier they’ll be and the happier they’ll be in their job roles.