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Hooked on FECA suction cups

If you want to get hooked – really hooked in a practical sense, then give FECA suction cups a try. The Santa Ana, Califorinia-based company developed a powerful line of suction cups that hold air so tight on non-porous surfaces for months at a time.

We are hooked. FECA is our solution for shower stalls without soap/shampoo caddies.

D3_Silver_ProductShot_largeWhile other suction cups last only a few days before crashing on your feet in the shower, FECA has been going strong now for three weeks. That’s good news for the feet.

In addition, we have used the suction hooks to hang dog leashes. So far still holding. The hooks handle up to 13 pounds. They are 100 percent waterproof, thermal resistant and build to hold. They stick on a variety of surfaces, such as glass, tile, mirror, metal and more. FECA offers a wide variety of space-saving options such as shelves; paper towel, toilet paper, magazine, hand shower, hair dryer, tissue box and cup holders; racks; towel rings; catch-all caddies; towel bars; mobile and tablet stands; mirrors; utility holders; LED lights and more.

However, we had mixed results when we tried to use them on doors. They just didn’t hold. We first tried the gold hook on our bathroom door. We put a bath robe on it and it came crashing down within 10 minutes. We then just tried it without holding anything. Same result, it crashed.

E22_Gold_ProductShot_largeIt should be noted the product does not include wood as one of the places you can use it. We should have read those directions first!  We also had a similar crash when we put it on drywall to hold a dog leash. It first came tumbling down within five minutes. We suspect it didn’t hold because wood was behind the drywall. We then moved it to another drywall area and it has been holding since.

We suggest when putting it up, check it in a few minutes to make sure you are doing it correctly. To install FECA’s suction cup first clean the surface and then dabb the perimeter of the suction cup with water, pressing and holding the suction cup to remove air underneath, and closing the locking device to secure the suction. And it helps to watch the video.

The products are reasonable priced ($7.99 and up) for the purposes they serve and come in elegant finishes like stainless steel and chrome as well as neutral and colorful acrylics and ABS plastics to complement a wide ranges of decorating styles.

Check out FECAusa.com.

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