HMA VPN Review – Is it worth your money in 2021?

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HMA is a VPN service provider that can allow the users to keep a shield over their online data and files. All the functioning of the VPN is dependent on the bypass of location blocks and prevent data misuse. The use of P2P networks ensures that the user location is not revealed on the open web sources. HMA stands for hiding My Ass, and the name suggests the function of the software.

The VPN will not allow any theft of your sensitive data while connected to a public network. The developers are quite sure about the capabilities of their application and suggest everyone try it once. The company can connect the users with more than a thousand locations available on HMA VPN. The same software functions in about 190 countries around the globe. This is the next level of security experienced by the users after enabling the VPN services for their devices.

HMA VPN allows you to access any website in the Internet. It can also help you unblock US Netflix if you are located outside of this country or access the latest sports highlights and livescore published on Buaksib.

Why do you need a VPN?

When you are active on the internet, anyone can intercept your virtual information to gain access. The sole motive of a VPN is to encrypt every byte of the data before sending it further. The data encryption makes it nearly impossible for hackers to break into your computer. The data packets are secured and sent through a virtual tunnel to the destination. With the help of this tool, your private information remains hidden, and you can freely share important details online. Even your correct IP address is not shown, and the location is bounced to a different place across the globe. Some users claim that HMA has saved their ass and protected them from a situation of data misuse. Using a VPN is considered a good habit, whether you are using the internet at home or in any public place.

Reasons to Choose Hide My Ass VPN 2021

There is no doubt in the fact that users prefer HMA VPN over other VPN available in the market. It will prove to be a game-changer VPN tool in 2021, and everyone will prefer using it.

  • No Log VPN- This feature is available in a handful of VPN service providers, and HMA is one of them. No Log refers to the condition where even the VPN service provider is not aware of your details. They don’t store any kind of user data before or after the use of their VPN service. It creates a 360-degree protection shield over anything you search or visit on the World Wide Web.
  • Smart Kill Switch- A Kill Switch makes sure that no data is leaked if you lose your VPN connection midway. If you are using a Windows operating system, you can customize the button to activate your whole system or on an app-by-app basis. You can also designate apps to automatically launch HMA whenever you start them up.
  • High Connection Speed- It is commonly observed that the connection speed is hindered while using a VPN. But HMA is known for improving the network speed and speed up the downloads and online buffering. You can experience up to 20 Gbps connection speeds and enjoy the service provided by the software.

Plans and Pricing

There are several free VPNs available to download, but they are not dependable. HMA claims that it will take 2.73*1061 years to hack their security firewall by using various methods. All these services will only be activated after purchasing the paid offers available on the official HMA website.

  • 12 Month Plan- This plan will cost you around $4.99 per month that adds for every month of the year. The collective deal will help you save 58% on your payment for the whole year.
  • 36 Month Plan- This is the best deal available for the HMA users and will cost $2.99 each month. Users can save up to 75% on their first billing and enjoy the service for three years.

Apart from the paid plan available, users can also activate a seven day free trial of the HMA VPN. It will not charge anything from you, and you will experience the best services for the whole week. You can pay using various payment options available on the website.

Hide My Ass VPN – Final Verdict

The whole discussion conclusion can be done by saying that VPN is a need of the generation. Nobody is safe while surfing online due to the increasing data thefts claimed by several countries’ cybercrime branches. The developers provide an unlimited number of installs with the capability of connecting five devices simultaneously. That’s why you should pick the best antivirus. If you are using several devices at once, it will be a great choice for protecting each of them simultaneously. Make sure that you encrypt your data and browse anonymously in the online community.