Why Hillary Clinton should not be President

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When Donald Trump calls her crooked Hillary I would have to agree with him on that one.

Don’t infer that I support Trump though.

I support neither candidate.

What it might come down to on Election Day is casting my ballot for the best of the worst, and that my fellow Americans is the sad truth.

Trump has his own faults which are many, not to include his disparaging remarks toward women, John McCain, veterans with PTSD, military Gold Star families, Mexicans, blacks, Muslims and the list goes on.

How we ended up with Clinton and Trump is beyond me.

The Republican primary debates were a national disgrace. I never saw anything like that in my life.

The Clinton campaign attempts to derail Bernie Sanders was also nothing to be proud of. How any of his supporters can cast a vote for Hillary is beyond me.

How we ended up with these two fools, one of which is going to be the next President of the United States, says plenty about the mindset of the American public.

What it boils down to is either a jackass for President if Donald Trump should win the election or a corrupt documented liar, should Hillary Clinton be elected.

The plain and simple truth of the matter is that I just can stand either one of the Clintons.

The thought of impeached Bill Clinton, the former sexual-harasser-in chief living in the White House again, to me is just incomprehensible.

Hillary Clinton has a history of being corrupt and deceitful just to protect her own butt. And the funny thing is she keeps getting away with it and laughing at the American public whenever she gets questioned on it.

If you think that Bill Clinton’s thirty-nine minute meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Arizona was nothing more than the two of them talking small talk, then my friends anyone can sell you a false bill of sale.

FBI Director James Comey sold out the American public and the FBI. I alone don’t think that. Current and former agents of the FBI also feel the same way.

What makes it worse is that Comey is an attorney. He never was an FBI agent, never pounded the pavement conducting an investigation as a law enforcement officer, yet he sold out the integrity of the FBI, in my opinion for political gain.

Attorney General Lynch is another disgrace.

If she had any integrity at all she would have told Bill Clinton to turn right around and not board her plane as she could not have a private conversation with him as his wife was under investigation by the FBI.

But she didn’t do that.

The American public was sold a false narrative on the whole Hillary Clinton email probe.

Corruption took precedent over the rule of law.

In 1996 when James Comey was Deputy Special Counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee he concluded that “Hillary Clinton was personally involved in mishandling documents and ordered others to block investigators who were working on the case. Her behavior fit into a pattern of concealment: she and her husband had tried to conceal their roles in two other matters under investigation by law enforcement. Taken together, the interference by White House officials, which included destruction of documents, amounted to “far more than just aggressive lawyering or political naiveté.” It constituted “a highly improper pattern of deliberate misconduct.”

That was 20 years ago people.

Wake up.

She did the same thing again.

Besides compromising national security by using a personal server in her own home while Secretary of State, evidence was destroyed, bleached out and hammered away by her cohorts while she was still under investigation and Congressional inquiry.

Nothing has changed with Hillary Clinton in twenty years.

Her corruption and misconduct has no bounds and again she was given a free pass on that by FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

This continual pattern of misconduct, alone and in and of itself should disqualify her from ever being the next President of the United States.

The bigger disgrace is how any Democrat or anybody for that matter can even support her. Hillary Clinton is a documented crook. Donald Trump is right on the mark with that.

But that alone is not the only reason why Hillary Clinton should not be President of this country.

For me there is a much more profound reason.

As the caskets where being taken off the plane containing the bodies of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blamed a film maker whose film she said sparked the Benghazi attack.   She said that to family members of the fallen heroes of Benghazi, when all along she knew that was a lie.

She kept that narrative going for a week even after she sent an email to her family indicating that the attack was caused by al-Qaida like elements.

How low can you go?

Standing next to the families, in front of the caskets and perpetrating a lie.

How disgraceful is that?

And later in front of Congress she exploded when speaking of the Benghazi attack and said “What difference does it make.”

Well Mrs. Clinton it makes a big difference and that is Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and their families.

And that is why you should never be President of this great country.