Here’s How To Avoid a DUI

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Getting a DUI is no joke these days; first-time offenders in most states face short jail time, steep fines, and loss of their driver’s license. They often need to pay for a skilled criminal defense attorney as well. You can avoid getting a DUI by following the tips below. 

Use A Designated Driver

If you are going to drive, you always need to have a designated driver who promises not to drink that day. This person needs to be trustworthy and keep their word to stay sober, no matter what happens. 

The driver also needs to know each person’s address and contact information, have a valid driver’s license, and should have emergency contact information available for all parties. 

Use Uber Or Lyft

With the wide availability of rideshare services today, there’s little excuse to drink and drive. Most communities have Uber, Lyft and similar rideshare services day or night to get you where you need to go. Or, you can call a taxi if all else fails. 

Have Food Available

One of the best ways to limit the effects of alcohol is to have food available to absorb the alcohol when you drink. You should have snacks and bread available so people won’t become too intoxicated. Also, people tend to drink less with a full stomach. 

Start Early 

You can often prevent people from getting too drunk by starting the event early and wrapping up when public transportation and other options are available. Also, it gives people more time to sober up before they go home. 

Keep in mind if you host an event and people get drunk and have car accidents later, you could be facing legal liability if your state has a Dram Shop Law. 

Know Your Legal Limit

Before you begin drinking, you should know how much alcohol you can drink before you get drunk. You also should know what it feels like as your BAC rises. Remember that your BAC will be affected if you eat and drink at the same time. It’s always a good idea to eat food when you drink so you don’t feel the effects as strongly. 

Limit Alcohol

If you are hosting a party, you should cut off the alcohol before it gets too late. You don’t want to get sued if people drive home drunk, crash, and harm someone. By shutting down the alcohol by, say, 7 or 8 pm, you can ensure that people get home safe. 

Note that your blood alcohol content drops about .015 after it peaks. So, if you have a BAC of .05, it will take about 3.3 hours to drop to zero. 

Never Get In A Car With A Drunk Person

If a friend says they can drive you home, check that they are sober before you get in the car. You’re always better off being safe than sorry. If you see someone you know about to make a wrong decision, you should encourage them to stay off the roads. 

Also, as a sober driver, you can call law enforcement to report anyone you think is driving drunk. Signs of drunk driving include driving too close to other people, swerving, making abrupt moves without signaling, and driving the wrong way or driving on the left side of the road. 

Remember that we have many tools available today to enjoy drinking safely without driving and getting into serious or fatal accidents. If you follow the guidelines here, you and your friends and loved ones will stay safe when you drink.

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