Health Coach Erika Schlick Dreams of Having a Cooking Show

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Career paths are never set in stone. One day you may be doing what you thought was your dream job. The next, you find yourself following a new dream. There are no rules to follow, except your heart, your passions, and your dreams. However, circumstances beyond your control may take you on a different path, redesigning what you thought would be your future. Whatever the reason may be, there might come a point in your life when your career path changes completely. An example is Architect turned Health Coach Erika Schlick, who dreams of having a cooking show.

Erika Schlick (Courtesy Photo)

Who is Erika Schlick?

You may know Erika Schlick from the Netflix show Afflicted, and her many appearances on several TV shows through the pandemic where she was cooking live from her kitchen. She is a woman whose story has captivated viewers all over the country and who has surprised everyone with her healthy, paleo, and delicious recipes. But many do not know the challenges she had to face to be where she is now.

Originally an Architect, Schlick’s life was thrown off the wagon when different symptoms started creeping on her, and no doctor could figure out what was going on. After years of tests and failed diagnoses, she finally received the correct diagnosis — she had Lyme disease. Immediately, she knew she did not want to follow the traditional path of antibiotics and endless treatments. Instead, she went a holistic route, eating healthier and leading a more natural and organic lifestyle.

Her health scares, diagnoses, and changes led Schlick down a new career path. “I was a Licensed Architect and practiced for a couple of years. I started my own design agency with my fiancé ten years ago,” says Schlick. “That is my day job, and my passion project is my blog, which I started when I began my Lyme disease healing journey. Now, I’m an IIN Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and offer to coach clients as well.” Readers and new clients can find her sharing her story and coaching through her blog, The Trail to Health.

A new dream

After her lifestyle change, Schlick discovered a new passion: cooking. She perfected old recipes and worked on her own creations. This led to her many appearances on TV sharing what she knows about food and its benefits to your health. It was also what inspired her to write her cookbook, Wandering Palate: 28 Days of Meals Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free & Paleo. She put together a 28-day meal plan, specified the ingredients, and guided readers through the preparation. At the end of the day, Schlick is trying to help people lead healthier lives.

This newfound passion and her desire to help others are what sparked a new fire within her. Schlick dreams of having her own cooking show. “During COVID, I was in over 150 TV shows across the US doing cooking segments. Some of them were live and some pre-recorded. I have just now moved, and my new home has an amazing kitchen. My goal is to be up-and-running doing more videos by the end of the month. I’m excited to keep working on that.” As she prepares to launch her cooking videos on her YouTube channel, Schlick can be found on social media sharing different recipes as well.

A change for the best

We grow up thinking the career we choose as kids is the one that will last us a lifetime. However, you never know where life will take you. Erika Schlick decided to become an Architect, but life turned her world upside down with a diagnosis that changed everything. After this eye-opening experience, Schlick changed career paths and became an Author, Blogger, and Health Coach who dreams of having a cooking show.