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Halloween means costumes and Musotica

Spider Girl

Spider Girl

Halloween is just over a month away and in L.A. it’s all about being sexy. For the men, but mainly for women. So, now you’re wondering what’s at the usual places, where can you go to find that one sexy Halloween costume that will definitely turn heads?

You can travel to the usual Hollywood stores that specialize in sexy — just like everyone else — cruising up and down the aisles looking for something that might look great on the rack or a mannequin, but that gets old real fast. What you really need is a collection of costumes at your fingertips.

Enter Musotica.com. It features the creations of designer Sarah Wallner, who gained some fame in the clothing world when she brought crochet swimwear back. Now she has a company specializing in all kinds of intimate clothing for women, for all sizes too.

You’ve probably seen her creations too, but didn’t know it. Her line of clothing has been worn and modeled by Pamela Anderson, Mischa Barton, Brooke Burke, Stacy Keibler, Jessica Burciaga, Shauna Sand, Brandi Roderick, Tiffany Toth and Paris Hilton.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

But you don’t have to be a celebrity to look good on Halloween, or to wear a design my Sarah Wallner. Her mission was to make clothing for every woman who is, “…interested in looking at clothing that best projects their personality, mood and natural sensuality.”

Whether you want to go as the sexy waitress, cop, super hero, vampire or evil witch — or any other persona — Musotica has a costume you’ll like and will fit. They have plus size apparel.

With social media being the number one way of getting noticed and staying in touch with friends — and fans — it’s important to look good for all the cameras. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of cell phone cameras will be snapping away at the Halloween parties and you know pictures of you will end up on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and others, so you want to look your best, from the front and back.

After Halloween there are the Christmas parties and for some of them you’ll want to show up in your sexy holiday best — they have it. In fact, Musotica has everything a woman needs for year-round apparel, from lingerie to swimwear, fitness clothing and accessories.

Get ready for Halloween. Don’t wait until the last moment. Start your search for that sexy Halloween costume at Musotica.com. It could be the only place you need to look.

The Vampire Academy, Sexy Sailor and for the Holidays, a barely-there Christmas costume.

The Vampire Academy, Sexy Sailor and for the Holidays, a barely-there Christmas costume.

(All photos by Musotica)

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