GOP is dead

Mitt Romney and John McCain, both resoundingly rejected by the American people in 2008 and 2012, have called on Republican primary voters to reject Donald Trump. So far, the voters aren’t listening.

Now 112 largely Republican aligned so-called foreign policy “experts” have also come out against Trump.

Overwhelmingly, most of those “experts” supported the catastrophe of the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the project of nation-building in Afghanistan in 2003. So far those projects have cost the American people thousands of lives, tens of thousands of people crippled for life with brain injuries and loss of limbs, and they have cost $2 trillion.

One might well exclaim, “God save the American people from such experts!”

Except, of course, clearly God hasn’t saved the American people – at least not yet.

Only the American people can save themselves from such “experts.”

Faith without works is dead.

What happened?

What happened is what I explained as happening in my 2015 books Cycles of Change and Gathering Storm (both available on Amazon-Kindle).

The Sixth Era of United States history, the Age of Reagan, ended decisively in 2008. But then-elected President Barack Obama failed to have the vision, boldness and plain political courage to initiate the changes that the American people were desperately calling out for.

We have lived in a political twilight world ever since. Obama won two landslide reelection victories against the very Republican political “geniuses” who are now expressing shock and outrage against Trump.

But his failure to improve the lives and prospects of ordinary people simultaneously led to sweeping rejections in three later sets of congressional races. The Republicans held control of the House of Representatives and eventually won the Senate too.

Political deadlock has crippled America ever since. In Gathering Storm, I equate this deadlock with the Plague of Frogs in the Biblical Book of Exodus. The endless croaking of slimy, repulsive creatures has driven 300 million people to distraction.

Whoever wins the presidential election in November will face the full onslaught of an era of unprecedented crisis.

In my 2015 book Gathering Storm I spell out the 10 basic Commandments for National Survival the United States needs to survive that crisis.

However, outrageous he can be, Donald Trump intuitively “gets it.” He grasps several of the most important policies vital issues to revive America.

If it accepts Trump, the Republican Party will be transformed.

But if it rejects him, it will be destroyed as a national power forever.