Goodman Networks Announces Progress Within Mace Industry

Goodman Networks, a leading provider of end-to-end field services solutions, today announced the commercialization of its new MACE (Major Appliance Consumer Electronics) practice across multiple markets in the US.

In early 2019, Goodman Networks began securing agreements with several major appliance companies.  Starting with LG and Electrolux, followed by extended warranty companies like AIG, Assurant, and Asurion, Goodman Networks built a multi-client MACE warranty repair business.  Simultaneous to securing new customer contracts, Goodman Networks began cross-training their award-winning technician workforce to perform MACE repair, including a variety of complicated multi-vendor systems.

Today the company is proud to announce, i) the opening of its first Goodman Networks branded MACE training center in Ohio, ii) the completion of real-time performance dashboards for their customers, and iii) realization of best-in-class customer satisfaction and first-time completion metrics.  The company plans to increase its technician count, via organic internal training programs and hiring of the highest-rated and most experienced MACE technicians.  “I am proud of the technicians that have made the transition to the challenging world of MACE, and I am proud of our leadership team that built this capability, customer relationships, training center, and new real-time dashboards.  I believe that this industry is in need of a new, trusted, best-in-class national workforce to help consumers get more value from the appliances they have purchased,” said, Chief Marketing Officer & EVP, Business Development, Scott Pickett.

About Goodman Networks

With over 2,000 field service professionals, Goodman Networks is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions to the smart home, home networking, audio/visual, major appliance and wireless industries.  Founded in 2000, Goodman Networks built and refined its field services capability serving some of the largest wireless and wireline carriers in the US.  Leveraging those capabilities into serving the consumer electronics industry was a natural for the company.  Today the company serves some of the largest and most respected brands, including consumer electronics retailers, technology OEMs as well as their legacy communications customers.