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Goodbye Kyra

(Kyra and Brandon)

Dear family and friends,

This is one of the hardest letters I have ever had to write – a week ago, last Wednesday, we lost our beautiful daughter in law, Kyra Kemplin, to heaven.

We are so thankful for everyone’s loving support during this time and hope to see many of you next Tuesday, July 9th, to help us celebrate her short, but full life.



She excelled as a nurse and pre-school teacher, friend and precious family member.

But her starring role and best example to our family, was her unerring ability to mother our first grandchild. We all learned lot from Kyra – from her dedication and tenacity to teach and care for her daughter; to give her the best education, discipline, love, time, attention and devotion humanly possible, resulting in a lovely young lady who is now 14.

Kyra and Brandon were an unwavering and loving team in every sense of the word, right to the very last day of her life. Her goal was to make it to her daughter’s eight grade graduation, and she did it, with her typical grace and determination to be there for her daughter.

Kyra has left our granddaughter a tremendous legacy of love and a clear pathway to follow into her adulthood.

We miss you so much baby. I know the angels are rejoicing now that they have you home again…

Love you to eternity and back again.


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