Good Christian Chat Gives -Your Virtual Godly Gateway

Back in the past, the only way you could get your church information was in your simple little Sunday flyer. The reach was low, and the printing was pricey, but what else could you do?

Today, however, the increase of virtual communication is transforming the way we interact with one another. With millions of people and countless organizations creating an online presence, church communities are definitely not excluded from this total global social revolution.

Thanks to Christ Embassy Church and their LoveWorld platforms, it is a new dawn for the faith-based world.

The church has launched several online applications, ranging from social media hubs to various news and entertainment platforms, all packed with quality, informative and safe content for everybody. These applications cater to different people and contain a whole host of features, such as video capabilities for virtual sermons, alert meetings, activity updates, and streaming content. Everything, fit for the church and their millions of devoted congregants

There are tons of platforms out there; Rhapsody of realities, Yookos, CeFlix, KingsChat Go live, Love World Cloud storage and Cybersuite, just to mention a few. Out of the many apps, we have picked our top 10.

1. Rhapsody of realities app.

The Rhapsody of Realities, also known as The Messenger Angel, is a spiritual life guide created by Pastor Chris. The app allows full access to the book and its audio version. Visually aesthetic, the application has a redesigned interface and sleek features. With the e-book, one can enjoy a pleasant reading experience and keep track of text using enhanced features, such as improved bookmarks, search option, and highlighting. Comments are also enabled, allowing you to communicate your thoughts and opinions. As the Rhapsody of Realties is a highly involved and comprehensive guide, often a reading plan is useful, with the app, you can create and track your plan on a calendar.

Key features:

  • Read, watch and listen to Rhapsody of realities within the app
  • Sync purchases across your devices with a single account
  • Has a new devotional widget allowing you access daily devotional messages.
  • Track your reading progress with the calendar feature.
  • Has a rhapsody news widget allowing you to watch Rhapsody news daily.
  • You can share your testimony and read other testimonies too.
  • You can organize your favorite articles, scriptures, and books within the app.

2. Yookos app.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome founded this platform in 2011. Yookos is a social networking platform that currently has over 10 million users around the world. The site is particularly popular in Nigeria. The app allows people to connect no matter where they are. This allows the syncing of the different branches of Christ Embassy congregations in different countries.


  • You can send direct messages to your friends
  • Public figures can follow other public figures
  • Share photos and videos
  • Play online games
  • Create blogs
  • Create pages and groups.

3. Kingschat.

Kingschat is a fast, personal, simple smartphone application, that allows one to interact, share content, follow friends, community figures and even celebrities. This platform has a whole host of features and allows for fun and far-reaching social experience.


  • Allows you to made voice calls and video calls
  • Social networking with sharing status, updates, and photos on your timeline
  • You can view stories of other people in your network.
  • You can send messages instantly
  • You can share large files such as document attachments, images, videos, gifs and music
  • QR code: you are given a unique code that acts as your digital pass for events that happen around the world.

4. LoveWorld SAT mobile app.

LoveWorld was developed to deliver the TV experience of the Love World satellite station to people on the go. It allows one to watch and stream live programs, send reports of happenings around you and have to keep up to date with the news. This application basically allows one to enjoy real-time TV experience.

5. Love World Radio app.

This radio application is a global, no restrictions internet radio platform. It has influenced millions of people and is accessible in countries with religious restrictions. People can also send comments, share testimonies and chat with one another, making it an entertaining and fun experience.

6. Love world music store.

This is a digital music app that notifies you of the newest and hottest albums from the Love world music artists. It allows one to listen to previews, stream and watch music videos and audios. One can also purchase songs and music videos using the app.

7. Love world books app.

This app is for the book lovers, it allows one too access and read his favorite Christian publications from the love world publishing ministry on the go. You can choose a massive collection of inspirational books easily and faster. Its purpose is to reach out to the world with the help of books as one can get devotional material from the app.

8. Pastor Chris live app

With this app, you gain instant access to life-changing videos and posts that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has made. The app allows one to send a direct message to Pastor Chris. It also allows one on one engagement with Pastor Chris himself.

9. Love world news app.

This is a fast, fun app that supplies all the new for the Believers Love world nation. It keeps people informed with the latest headlines and the most fascinating stories from around the globe. This application makes it easy for the ministry to send alerts and update the church on the happenings and activities of the ministry. The app also allows you to send comments and spread the news to your contacts.

10 Healing school app.

The healing school is the healing ministry that was founded by the president of the believers love world Inc. Pastor Chris. The app keeps you connected to all related information and events.


  • Can access healing session reports
  • You can register for healing sessions
  • Registration for international Easter youth camp with Pastor Chris.
  • Allows the access of healing school ministers visitation program
  • Can get healing testimony videos.

This app keeps you in tabs with what is happening in the school of healing.

These applications have contributed to the unity of the church making feel people connected and in touch with their communities and their leaders. These online platforms have and continue to change the lives of all those connected.