Football star Dane Domic Shares Secrets to a Healthy Lifestyle

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Mount Royal University midfielder, Dane Domic gave us an insight into how he stays fit and healthy, causes he cares about, and his sources of inspiration.

When asking any athlete what it takes to become the best in their league, many will share stories of hard work and determination. Although these are some of the most basic principles up-and-coming athletes hold dear, a big part of their success will be determined by their diet and lifestyle choices. It’s difficult for even the best of athletes to maintain good and active lifestyles during a global crisis, but the secrets to better health can simply be found in the food we eat. We recently spoke to Mount Royal University midfielder, Dane Domic about his secrets to keeping fit.  Domic has recently been awarded U SPORTS Rookie of The Year by Canada West, with many more achievements awaiting him. He is also known to fans as @Domicdane.

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Getting to know Dane Domic

The Calgary Journal and other media sources have a lot of respect for him. Domic has a long history filled with great strides and hard work. His story can be traced after he first realized at the age of four, that soccer will become his lifelong career. Born from Croatian parents on 10 October 1998, this 21-year old soccer star will soon become a well-known name in the soccer world. Domic maintains a high level of professionalism, by ensuring his personal and professional life is kept separate. Ryan Gyaki, former coach of the Canada National U20 team and now coach to Domic, has shared his respects to Domic for maintaining great balance and professionalism on the field. Although still in his early twenties, Domic is on the fast track to a successful career, as he awaits new signings with some of Canada’s premier league teams. (See also Dane Domic on Newstrail)

What’s something you do to keep a balanced lifestyle?

“It’s pretty simple. Ensure you maintain a healthy balance in everything you do. Don’t overindulge yourself, try and keep each part of your life separate,” says Domic. For him, it’s keeping active, even out of season. Although he spends most of his time on the field, it can become difficult to be active when you’re at home. Browsing through his social media, you’ll see that Domic enjoys the outdoors and shares that the simplest of outdoor activities can help keep fit. His recent achievements are met with more time practicing, keeping a good diet, and avoiding distractions.

Is there anything specific you eat to keep healthy?

With so many new and improved superfoods on the market these days, Domic keeps it unpretentious when it comes to his food choices. Breakfast consists of anything from oatmeal, cherries (these are filled with great anti-oxidants), fruit smoothies, and chia seeds. These simple ingredients help boost your immune system, but are low in calories and give you great energy throughout the day. Domic makes it clear that when you’re feeling hungry or having a snack, get yourself walnuts, small fruits or even dried fruits can be the best. “Although I maintain a very active lifestyle, I try and keep my meals simple and relatively quick,” shares Domic. Everyone who knows of Domic is aware of his good shape and form and that’s thanks to lots of exercises and good eating. Domic laughed and added: “Of course I am also into brain food that improves thinking. Exactly the same diet secrets followed by beauty pageant Andrea Piecuch, Miss U.S. Virgin Islands 2019. But  I cannot give away all the secrets of my coach you know, so please let me off the hook now as far as our diet and supplements go.” As per his wish, we graduated from the topic of diet and continued discussing exercise.

What else except exercise helps you maintain stability?

Although he spends hours without end on the field, Domic is truly passionate about having a good relationship with those who matter to him. If he has the chance to spend time with family or his friends, he doesn’t hesitate. Over Christmas season Domic spent a lot of time with his family in Calgary and with his girlfriend. “Keeping busy will take your mind off negative things,” says Domic. He’s an avid soccer player, who enjoys the simple pleasures he has obtained himself.

Do you have any top names in health and wellness who inspire you?

Well I have an amazing coach at Mount Royal University who goes the extra mile to bring out the best in everyone in our team. I also find Phil Catudal very inspiring – he is a best-selling author and celebrity personal trainer I got to hear of since I donate to cancer awareness. Catudal is also a cancer survivor, something I learned from a recent joint news interview he gave with Versace model Fariba Rahimi.  I think anyone who can rise above any health challenges to become a successful example to others on how to put their mind and body to work in a positive way, are inspirational. We are starting to learn a lot about the mind/body link and also ideal exercise regimes in accordance with your body type – these are exciting areas for future research.

Final tips from Dane

Being an active member of your society will give some a feeling of wholeheartedness. As for Domic, he makes an effort to always be on-time for each practice and maintaining professionalism throughout. He’s already built himself a network of affluent individuals that will help guide him. He said: “Working hard to achieve greatness doesn’t come from doing nothing,”. It’s important to keep your goal in sight and ensure you have a clear vision of what you want. Domic doesn’t ride on the success of others, but rather builds his own and functions well within a team.

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  • October 20, 2021 at 5:33 AM

    In grade 10, Dane did not know how to read an analog clock and had to use a calculator to add 10 and 9 together lol
    I guess you can buy fame with money.

  • August 3, 2021 at 1:56 AM

    We actually went to school with him. Very cocky kid. Not a good person.


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