Five Stylish Hair Trends for Women that will take you from Summer to Fall

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Now that summer is fully upon us, it’s only natural that you get the urge to update your look. That may include a few new wardrobe pieces, some trendy accessories, and those perfect summer sandals. With that said, your hairstyle is another opportunity to take part in current summer trends. However, before you rush out to the salon for a new do, you may want to check out these stylish hair trends for women that will take you all through summer and still look great into fall.

Balayage – The Trendy Way to Add Color to Your Locks

Adding color to your hair is a trend that is popular all year-round. No matter the season you’re in, adding color can give your hair a whole new look and even help to give the illusion of volume and shine. While adding color is always stylish, the technique used and the color applied changes. In order to be right on trend at the moment, balayage is the best way to add color to your locks.

For those unfamiliar with balayage it is often confused with the ombre hair trend, but in reality, the two are quite different. Balayage is a modern approach to traditional foil highlights. While those foiled highlights created a very stripe-like pattern, balayage is all about keeping things natural looking and soft.

The idea behind it is that your hair is meant to be sun-kissed looking, in other words, the sun has naturally added highlights to your hair. The highlights are painted on and are much thinner than the traditional foil highlights. The highlights start out soft and very close to the root, then get thicker as they are painted towards the ends of the hair. It can work with a variety of different hair colors and tones and provides a natural summer look. Many find it low maintenance too since you don’t have a thick highlight at the root that grows out.

If you’re going to give balayage a try, it’s a good idea to find a stylist that specializes in the trend and has plenty of experience. You can do that with a little online research and by asking around.

The Shag Returns in an Updated Version

If you were around during the 1970s, then you are probably well aware of how popular the shag was. This messy natural looking cut was all the rage, and everyone from celebrities, to models, to everyday people, were sporting it. Well, the shag is back yet again but is rocking an updated look. The updated shag features a deep side part and then natural looking layers. The original shag featured more layers and was choppier; today’s updated version is softer all around.

This style is particularly great for those with busy lifestyles who don’t have time to fuss with their hair. It’s very low-maintenance since you can just part your hair to the side and then let it air dry. The style tends to work best with those who have a bit of a natural wave in their hair.

Give Bangs a Try

If you’re looking for impact but don’t necessarily want to go the route of color or chopping off your locks, then you may want to give bangs a chance. Bangs are back in full force right now, and you can even purchase clip in bangs if you aren’t ready to take the leap. Opt for longer bangs that blend softly into the side of your hair for a natural look. If you leave them a little longer, you’ll also be able to clip them back if you want.

Bring Out the Beachy Waves

For those who have even the slightest amount of natural wave in their hair, now is the time to bring it out. Beachy waves are always trendy and this year is no exception. Layers can help bring out waves and add volume, as can using a variety of styling products. Again, think natural, loose, and soft, which means letting your hair air dry. This is another low maintenance yet incredibly stylish look.

Give Straight and Sleek a Try

On the opposite spectrum is straight sleek hair that can be worn in all different lengths. This particular style obviously takes more work since you usually need to use the hair straightener. Just be sure to use a heat protectant product on your hair before straightening it, and try to use the lowest setting possible on your iron.

Stylish, Trendy, and Gorgeous Looking Hair Can Be Yours

Each of these styles will help you to look and feel stylish and trendy all summer long, yet will still look great heading into fall. Just be sure to pick a style that works with your hair type in order to get the best results.