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Expanding Startup Culture and Removing Barriers

Behind the sleek and speedy Apple computer, the social playground of Facebook, and the euphoria of one-day Amazon delivery is just one person, one idea, and the unrelenting drive to see it through. Entrepreneurship is the backbone of human evolution and the ways in which technology and human potential become intertwined. For entrepreneurs today, a startup is a gateway to innovation, pushing the envelope further with fearless conception and grounded creation. Whether it’s creating greater efficiency, connection, or convenience, entrepreneurs are working around the clock and around the world to make it happen.

A whole culture has even been built around the startup. ‘Startup Culture’ has been defined as “A workplace environment that values creative problem solving, open communication and a flat hierarchy.” Building from the ground up, everyone involved in a startup seems to seek the same vision, together. And with so much potential for growth, there is no space or time for toxic hierarchies to form. Instead, a sense of oneness seems to arise in this environment.

Bringing startup culture to a new level, Ryan Zhang, Founder ofLangogo AI, raises our capacity for interconnectivity, removing the language barrier that limits human unity. “We believe better communication makes a better world,” he says. “We want to start with lowering language barriers so that we can connect with local people, experience their cultures, and understand people who live on the same planet with us.”

Connecting In Real Time

Applying AI and IOT, Langogo is making a name for itself in the travel industry as the ultimate travel companion. As Voice AI experts and travel enthusiasts, Langogo helps connect you to the Internet anywhere you go with people anywhere in the world. With built-in global Internet access, users can roam in 72 countries without a local SIM card. Users can also connect to over 60 languages in two-way conversations with the best in voice recognition and Artificial Intelligence.

Connecting On The Go

Ordering food or trying out the local market? Speaking with your Uber driver or your hotel concierge? Langogo will always be there to make these connections run seamlessly and make your trip go without a hitch. “It solves not only the problem of translation but also the problem of information asymmetry of local tourist information. We try to bring wonderful and perfect travel experience to our users,” Zhang says.

A New Business Model

Langogo develops cutting-edge AI technology for both the leisure and business travel industry. Joining the forces of Uber and Bird and Lime-like start-ups, Langogo is following the new sharing economy and creating a translation machine that you can easily rent from a hotel or in the airport. The equipment is at your fingertips and you can borrow and return it anywhere.

There are many competitors in the market. Companies like Baidu and iflytek are very powerful, although they cater only to the consumer market. Reenergizing the conservative marketplace, Langogo is getting creative and preparing to revolutionize the industry in a shareable format. Back in January 2018, Langogo was merely a concept but today, the word is traveling fast. Now in production and launching a crowdfunding campaign in September (on Indiegogo), the innovative start-up is certainly off to a good start.I expect that you’ll see people talking with each other with Langogo when you travel cross-border in the next two years,” declares Ryan Zhang.

Artificial Intelligence For Real Connections

Removing barriers and redefining human potential, Langogo goes beyond words, creating a ‘start-up culture’ that may be heard (and translated) around the globe. “The industry is facing a huge change with the development of AI technology. It has created more and more opportunities. Though we are still a start-up company, we hope to become a pioneer, early explorer in the industry. We hope to become one of the dominant forces in the industry through different attempts through technology integration capability and a new business model,” he says. Delving into Artificial Intelligence, it seems as if we’re ready to experience more of what’s real, human connection.


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