EXCLUSIVE UFO PHOTOGRAPHS: Object that fell from the sky in Las Vegas leaves circular impression in ground

In the early hours of May 1, a UFO landed in the backyard of a Las Vegas residence, witnesses told the Las Vegas Police Department. The Baltimore Post-Examiner and the Doug Poppa Podcast were granted access to the backyard where a circular object landed and left about a 25-foot impression. Witnesses claim they saw two unclothed non-humans near the UFO, according to a police report.  Police investigated the case but closed it rather quickly, and then a short-time later two sergeants  came out to interview the witnesses and reopened the case. For more on this incident, check out and subscribe to Doug Poppa’s Podcast.  Poppa broke the initial story.

Below are photos taken by Angel, who called 911 after he saw the object fall. Angel provided the photos exclusively to Poppa for publication. Stay tuned. Poppa will be breaking more news on this story in his Podcast.

Note the circular impression left by the object that fell from the sky. (Courtesy photo)
Second photo of the impression left by the object that fell from the sky. (Courtesy)

Here is a YouTube video from an eyewitness who claims to have seen the creatures.

This is a distorted pixilated photo from a video that Angel shot in which he tried to capture the “creatures” he claimed to have seen in his backyard.

Courtesy photo from Angel’s video.