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Every Heart That….

Every heart that has warmth is capable of an embrace

Reaching into who and what you are and finding the space

Inside of yourself to trust, to love and give

Close your eyes and open your mind


Who knows what elevation you may find….


From the smallest seeds within the earth to the largest animals in the seas

This energy is waiting for you in every blade of grass, every cloud in the sky

Between you and me, right down to every leaf on every tree

A truth that no amount of money can buy


And no science can completely quantify……


Every heart that beats is connected to an opportunity to make choices

Choices that can influence the direction of our world

In spite of what others would try to believe

There is still plenty hope, plenty of love and plenty of good left in our world


It hasn’t been extinguished, it hasn’t been vanquished, it hasn’t vanished

It starts with us and within us

It starts with taking a chance, it starts with going to a place that we aren’t used to going

And revisit somethings that are worth knowing


Every heart that can sense another heart

Can see things that your eyes can not begin to perceive

Your heart can feel things that your mind doesn’t have the strength to believe

Your heart can teach you to extend your hand


And love.

© 2012 Dream Citadel Productions

About the author

Barron Parker

Barron Parker has mastered 13 different instruments ranging from keyboards, bass, and percussion to exotic instruments from across the globe. In 1996 he founded Dream Citadel Productions and has produced numerous artists. He has released three critically acclaimed albums available on iTunes:“Passionately (2003), “Love Letters” (2004), “Love, Passion and Fury…I Am” (2009). He also has released two poetry books: “My Poetic Journey: The Early Years” (2007) and the companion book to the album “Love, Passion and Fury…I Am” (2009). He also has his own online radio show “The Dream Citadel Evolution Show” on BlogtalkRadio.com where he interviews various artists. Contact the author.

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