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Emvolio could be the next big thing in health care

Always in our modern history the human world has continued to pursue anything and everything that helps us live longer and better. Way back in 1870 Louis Pasteur established the germ theory of disease, widening the door to both treatment and prevention. Twenty years later Emil von Behring discovers antitoxins used to develop tetanus and diphtheria vaccines. By 1952 Jonas Salk revolutionized the world by developing an effective polio vaccine. Then in 1998 James Thompson developed stem cell therapy creating yet another major step forward in beating disease. Now there is something coming together that could easily be a giant leap forward in effectively treating a deadly disease, cancer.

Just a few weeks ago I had the distinct privilege of attending a meeting at the prestigious John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica, California. The meeting had been arranged by Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. an extremely exciting and very unique emerging public company in the health care field [TSOI:OTC]. Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. is comprised of four diverse human health care companies, each with its own vision and track. Each one of these related companies, Emvolio, Inc., OmniBiome, Inc., Sandbox Dental Labs, Inc. and its Nutraceutical Division are bringing amazing and powerful advancements in the realm of human health. Anyone of these entities could on its own make Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. a huge commercial success but when taken together the potential for this company is nothing short of staggering.

Yet I must confess a bias with a total engagement in the work of Emvolio, Inc. No entity is better than its leadership and the leadership of Emvolio, Inc. is proven, strong, powerful and extremely effective. Dr. Thomas E. Ichim is Chief Executive Officer, Gerry B. Berg is Chief Financial Officer and Director, Timothy G. Dixon is President and Chairman, and the Scientific Advisory Board is led by Santosh Kesari, MD, PhD.

This company is developing products that can be used together to attack cancer at different levels as well as to be used either alone or in conjunction with existing therapies. They currently have patented products that have so far shown astonishing effectiveness. But yes further clinical trials are necessary to establish efficacy to the levels required by the FDA, but they are on their way. As a cancer survivor myself what I heard and saw at this meeting was nothing short of pure beauty. I am not at liberty to discuss in this forum every detail but I can and will make these two suggestions with absolute total conviction.

Do go to their website and explore it fully. Then I would unequivocally recommend that you very seriously consider investing in this company. I see the upside potential here as nothing less than staggering. No guarantees ever, of course, but with my personal experience ranging over more than 50 years I will say without exception I have never seen anything with a stronger upside potential. Better health and a real strong potential for greater wealth, now that is what I call a real win-win situation.

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