Email marketing is still important and DeBounce makes sure it remains effective

The death of email marketing has been announced many times. Some said it would be replaced by social media, others that soon everyone would get tired of receiving so many emails and stop reading them automatically. But to be honest, not everyone is tired of receiving emails every day. Some of them still think email is the most important part of digital messages that should not be ignored by anyone. Email is the key to confirmation of anything we do in the context of the digital realm.

Relatively old compared to other marketing tools, your “age” is the major culprit of this aforementioned death. There are many years of misuse of the tool, many wrong strategies that have become spam.

Worn model?

Characterized as a direct, inexpensive and highly efficient media, email marketing has a huge potential impact on the recipient. Using a strategic model tailored to its objectives as an approach, it can be simply informative, have sales-only content, and serve as an outreach for events among many (many) other purposes.

When the strategy is well thought out, email marketing can become the most efficient channel for converting or building customer loyalty. Thus, the tool plays an important role in the strategy.

One of the tools needed in email marketing is what is called email checker. This is a tool that has a scanner function, to scan emails that are no longer active or emails that were intentionally made to take advantage of the service without paying. If you are a business owner who really relies on email marketing, you don’t want all of your efforts to be wasted. Sending messages to emails that will not be opened again is useless. Likewise, if you provide free services to people who are already from the beginning do not have the slightest intention to buy your service or product.

You don’t need to manually scan hundreds of emails individually if you use DeBounce is an email checker that can work automatically to scan a collection of emails, separating them into two groups; valid and invalid. All is done automatically and sending messages to all emails one by one is past.

DeBounce, as an email checker, has a variety of features that distinguish it from similar software, including:
– Email Verification API
– Selectable Download Options
– Domain Confirmation
– Spam-trap removal
– Anti-greylisting Technology
– MTA Validation
– Etc.

One thing that is striking about DeBounce is its integration capability. You can set this tool so that it can scan all emails that enter your system automatically.

Email marketing is one form of effective digital marketing. It will remain effective as long as we deal with clean emails. And DeBounce is the best tool that ensures our system only interacts with clean emails. Hopefully, this short article can give you new insights into how email marketing should be run. Thank you for reading and good luck with your marketing!