Earth, Wood & Fire has a Josper and much more

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Earth, Wood & Fire has been open since May 2012 and it was only recently I made my first visit. Why was that? I don’t know, and why am I asking you? Anyway, there I was pulling up to 1407 Clarkview Road, off Falls Road in Baltimore. The area is known as Bare Hills, but honestly, not by many.

The restaurant is famous for coal-fired cuisine, and has garnered a very good reputation, from its burgers, salads and especially pizza. They have a piece of machinery called a Josper that’s used for the heating of the pizzas.

It’s OK, I hadn’t heard of it either. It is commonly used in Spain and is just now being used more in the States. The Josper heats up to about 850 degrees and is also used as a grill and oven.

The people I spoke with who were eating pizza said it really enhances the taste.

Patrons were enjoying lunch when we visited. {Photo by Eddie Eddie Applefeld)
Patrons were enjoying lunch when we visited.
{Photo by Eddie Eddie Applefeld)

This is not to be confused with the coal-burning oven that is used for such items as the burgers and wings. That oven cooks to about 1,000 degrees. As a non-cook I can’t figure out why the temps have to be so hot, but then again it takes me 15 minutes to make a three-minute egg.

Some of the specialty pizzas are the scampi, margherita, pesto and rustic. Salads include the classic Caesar, Lorenzo, Caprese and Farmers. The burgers would include the Hamburg, BLT, cowboy and veggie.

You can also select from a variety of small plates, like the coal-fired chicken wings, Josper-roasted sea scallops and red potato skins.

There are also some interesting drinks. For martinis you can try the flavored Cosmo, Caramel Apple or German Chocolate cake. Exotic cocktails include the Cream Soda, Tropical Champagne and Peachy Palmer. There’s more of course but those sounded different.

Earth Wood & Fire is open seven days serving lunch and dinner. There is plenty of parking, an outdoor patio and an open kitchen to see what’s going on. All desserts are made on premise, except the ice cream and there’s a bar with three TV’s.

Along with the adult fare there’s a kids menu.

Earth, Wood & Fire has seating for 115 and Zagat awarded them the Noteworthy Newcomer Award. When you enter, check the chalkboard in front of you for the daily special.

And finally, try to resist the temptation of calling them Earth Wind & Fire.

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