Donald Trump: The Lasting Substance

From the Jeb Bush Right to the Hillary Clinton Left, all the voices of mediocrity and privilege in a suffering America agree: There is no substance to Donald Trump. He is,they claim, a hatemonger.

The same voices who allowed Pat Buchanan to stay respectable for 40 years while he tried to protect one Nazi war criminal after another from just prosecution threw up their hands in simulated horror at Trump.

Yet while Trump can over-simplify, he is no hater – except of the forces he rightly recognizes have looted America dry through their own relentless stupidity and greed. The argument that Trump is a superficial demagogue who lacks substance does not hold water.

On the contrary, what is most fascinating about this remarkably lively pre-primary, pre-caucus seasonin America is how substantive it has been, thanks entirely to Trump on the Republican side and Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side.

Trump and Sanders are both outliers to their respective parties. They had to be, because both parties and their established leaders have long since become cowardly, empty, corrupt pathetic jokes of the ideals they still pay lip service to.

Listening to the Republican presidential debates this year in particular has been an education. Charles Krauthammer, remorselessly wrong as always in his 400-plus newspaper outlets, proclaimed this group of presidential wannabe’s the most talented the Republicans have fielded since 1980. In other words, it is as simplistic, out of touch, complacent and obsolete as he is.

One after another, more than a dozen Republican “fearless leaders” rose up and in one podium after another pronounced exactly the same solution to all problems. Cut taxes, cut the size of government, cut government regulation. Nothing else will ever be necessary.

State governors woefully out of their depth like Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal and Chris Christie solemnly pronounced this nostrum and promised they would use the same wonderful “executive experience” they used to slash education and health resources in their native states on the national scene.

Senators like Marco Rubio, Lindsay Graham and Rand Paul, who have never run a 7/11 or a McDonald’s outlet in their lives passionately assert their ability to run the federal government of 310 million Americans.

Yet none of these “visionary geniuses” ever acknowledges the root cause of America’s economic and social woes – the collapse of its once unmatched industries and manufacturing sector. Not one of them has dared to confront the issue of fair trade as opposed to free trade. Not one of them has dared to confront the issue of regaining control of the immigration process and ending the flood of illegals into the United States.

It is only Donald Trump who raises these substantial issues. And miracle of miracles, even the hard core Republican grassroots constituency recognizes this. His support numbers stay high, despite every verbal gaffe he makes, and despite every “authentic” straight from the shoulder, supposedly outrageous insult he offers.

There are deep, real reasons for this. And we will explore them in future pieces. But for now, we want to make two simple points.

First, Trump is not an empty demagogue. He recognizes real problems that have been destroying America, the problems that have unleashed critical worry and suffering on scores of millions of families. With the exception of Ted Cruz on borders, none of the other Republicans has dared to even mention either problem.

Second, even Trump’s insults boost his tidal wave of popular support. Like Ronald Reagan and Franklin Roosevelt before him, the more he is attacked and sneered at, the more popular he becomes. Like Reagan, the key to his success is to insult him and make him mad – his natural wit, honed by 15 years as a national media star, then kicks in with a devastating on-target response.

The old Republican establishment had better learn to let Trump re-divide the vast cake of power and privilege they have held for so long. They might yet deny him the Republican presidential nomination. They might block him from the presidency. But if they do, they will guarantee their own lasting destruction.

Trump is the voice ofthe future. The issues he raises are, as I predicted in my 2014 book,Gathering Storm: The Seventh Era of American History, & the Coming Crises That Will Lead to It, the crucial challenges to American survival and renewal in the 21st century.

Trump is offering hope and new solutions to a public demoralized and ruined by decades of lies. That sounds pretty substantive to me.


3 thoughts on “Donald Trump: The Lasting Substance

  • December 1, 2015 at 8:43 PM

    I am a firm believer in Donald Trump, and so are millions of

    Donald Trump
    will need some firm guidance, in many of the troubles that have not been
    resolved in our nation? Although there is a war of words from both political
    parties he makes more sense than the majority of the candidates for president.
    Trump does have a sharp tongue, but he says what he means and means what he
    says, as that quote goes? He is honest and sincere, but tends to jump the gun
    from what he either reads/sees on the Internet, the mainstream newspapers and
    all the other media as facts? You will never get the truth from the alphabet TV
    channels as ABC, CBS and wide spectrum of pro-Hillary, THEY WILL OUTRIGHT LIE
    TO GET THEIR POINT ACROSS. Liberal slanted media who is far from being
    trustworthy; she has brazenly lied about her current computer server, which is
    pursued by an FBI investigation, Her deception goes all the way back from her
    time and the involvement in the Whitewater storm.

    The Clinton
    Foundation was receiving huge donations from foreign nations, and so then what
    were their expectations in return? As former Secretary of State she had a moral
    obligation to stay clear as unbiased in her appointment. Then again much of the
    press doesn’t tell the whole truth anyway? They copy and paste only what their dense
    ideology demands, with the truth silently hidden. The shame is that elder
    Americans, the less educated and others of limited mean trust in what they say?
    One thing stands out to the general population, Trumps love of America, and the pinnacle issue of what to
    do about the illegal alien invasion. Currently interdiction has been fading at
    the Southern border and our interior because of the enforcement manipulation by
    this administration.

    King Obama
    on the other hand has pushed real hard at seemingly dividing the people and
    although our nation is not perfect when relating to race, religion or most
    other controversial issues as transgender, abortion, gun control, yet our
    magnificent country still flow smoothly, compare to most of the rest of the
    world. The Congress should have seen through his preferential treatment for
    foreign nationals, and then considering his other executive orders that should
    have opened the doors to his impeachment. To me it seems there has been collusion
    between the two parties in keeping the flow of foreigners still coming here?

    are just the puppets of mega corporations and thousands of businesses, with no
    restraints. Jeb Bush, will claim they will stop the flow of illegal immigrants,
    but nothing will materialize as always. It will be just like the Sanctuary City ‘Kates Law’ killing of Katherine
    Steinle by an illegal alien in San Francisco. We are still waiting for the law to
    pass, that will end these illegal ordinances in 340 communities–small and
    large throughout our country.

    You have to
    ask yourself why the sudden angry eruptions of black America on the streets. Yes! There are
    always bad cops at the bottom of the barrel, and although the wheels of justice
    are slow eventually those who have committed heinous acts against the person
    will get their just desserts. But I also recognize there is an undercurrent
    that runs below the surface and that is poverty, no jobs and unable to put food
    on the table. With a noticeable 92 million people without a job, underemployed
    or in condition that pays low wages, and then this must be amalgamated with
    civic unrest. This doesn’t just apply to African Americans, but Hispanic,
    Latino, Caucasian and any racial profile.

    Its time we
    really awaken to the facts, because this government is stealthily undermining
    the will of the people. Illegal immigration all boils down to pandering to the
    massive influx of illegal aliens by both parties. For the Leftists it’s a huge
    voting block, even though it’s illegal, a felony and for the GOP establishment
    cheap workers for their crony business connections. It can be a big pay off, as
    the suspicious rise for H1.B visas. The a sampling being the Disney Corporation
    of dumping its high tech staff for H1 B legal visa holders, and then Disney demanding
    that they must train them?

    How many
    foreigners in this country it depends who you ask; a huge number with no true
    figures to identify how many millions are actually here and stealing jobs
    from the average working American or
    even a lawful residents. The proverbial magnet of course is business owners
    searching for cheap labor. It’s a conundrum that has been going on for decades,
    since the original Ronald Reagan amnesty. Today it’s at critical mass as the
    people are sick and tired of paying out their tax dollars to folks who should
    not be on our soil.

    Even worse
    is this government’s give-away system of Food stamps, and a whole list of
    welfare, specifically for foreign pregnant women who drop a newborn baby and then
    collect the proceeds from taxpayers. Once upon at time–their were state and
    federal records of the costs, but most of this information is kept under wraps,
    especially New Mexico that stays under the radar for how many illegal aliens
    have settled there?

    My black ex
    marine friend who lives in the house opposite mine, I visited on Thanksgiving
    Day, said that his relatives were hurting over loss of a pay check. During the
    conversation he said that friends of his were dropped from good jobs as the
    employees had hired people in the building trade for people that couldn’t even
    speak English. The foreman was overruled by the employer and hired what he
    believes was cheap labor in the laying a sewers in Kern County. They drove miles to and from their
    destination every day and then were told they were not needed anymore?

    Trump will be
    a benefit for every working American and folks who paid their due to get a
    working visa and all those thousands who ready to immigrate legally.

    There is no direct
    punishment for hiring illegal aliens, but Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz
    will implement enforcement. No more playing by the rules of the huge companies
    who have their puppets in Congress, which intentionally design each new bill
    with enough loopholes to drive an elephant through. Beginning with the Secure
    Fence Act of 2006 approved by George Bush, that vanished from site by the hand
    of Republican Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s (you have to wonder how much cold cash,
    she got paid to stop the 700 mile double layer fencing in its tracks)
    Oh! I do believe 36 miles were built as of today?

    First will
    come the giant wall built by Trump, complete with all the technology. Then from
    that beginning a reversal of E-Verify amended to become MANDATORY tool? This
    will be nationwide vetting system that nobody can slip through? If you are
    authorized to work in the United States then you will be identified as such.
    I imagine that when the severe punishments are observed by business owners and
    the indictments come down. Heavy fines and even jail will be imposed for hiring
    prohibited labor, which would be expected to pack up their belongings and begin
    to leave of their own accord. What else can they do–with no job–and with no
    real expense to us.

    With Donald
    Trump the wall he has pledged, will not be a ‘will of the wisp?’ It will happen
    and as his says and Mexico will pay for it. Stringent Free
    Trade agreements will be renegotiated by his presidency, so as with Japan, China, India, and others? Fortunately, all
    treaties will be renegotiated the weak treaties torn up? Did the old trade
    delegates get a sizable check from these foreign governments, to whisk their goods
    into America and the American people having
    nothing to show for it? Yes! Cheap goods, but we are always the losers, which
    Trump will change, including better deals and not just coin going into the
    pockets of the politicians or the extreme wealthy. Jobs will come back as Trump
    is a practiced contract negotiator, and by placing tariffs on foreign countries
    that are not playing by the rules.

    that $5 million from CNN debate is being donated to Veterans, which most in the
    media intently ignored?

    • Tim Forkes
      December 2, 2015 at 2:10 PM

      Wow, the delusion runs deep in you.

  • December 1, 2015 at 12:33 PM

    What a tremendous article, well done.

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