Crypto Gold: Investing $1000 Into ICO of Ethereum Blockchains “New BTC” Could Return $100k In 2024

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A new token in its ICO presale stage aims to enter the crypto market with a noteworthy ambition: Becoming Ethereum’s premier store-of-value (SOV) asset. 

Branded “Mollars”, this new project is being hailed a prospect for a pivotal role in the network, especially as Ether becomes more deflationary.   And because Bitcoin, the top SOV asset, has seen fees soar recently.

According to its whitepaper, Mollars will be an ownerless currency, with a max supply of 10,000,000 tokens minted. This means that right out of the gate, the project will enter the market as one of the most limited currencies in the landscape.

The token is currently on presale, priced at $0.30. However, as the ICO sale completes and the token is listed on its first crypto exchange, $MOLLARS  will debut to the public at a price of $0.62. The public exchange pricing means that investors joining the presale during this ‘private exchange’ ICO period could see a 100% ROI days after it closes.  

In the long run, as the ‘new bitcoin’ for the Ethereum blockchain world grows in popularity,  the overall value of the token could be much higher.   As it asserts its role as Ethereum’s Store of Value asset, the end price has no ceiling and there’s a potential to create new crypto millionaires.

What Are Store-of-Value Coins?

The reason traders love such coins as $MOLLARS and $BTC is because store-of-value cryptocurrencies are digital assets specifically designed to retain purchasing power over time. 

Typically, the investment world always had precious metals such as Gold [AU] and Silver as storages of value, particularly in economic-uncertain times. In crypto, assets like Bitcoin have already proven their worth as SOVs during the pandemic, which opened the way for wider adoption of these types of currencies.

Ultimately, currencies like Bitcoin are considered safer investment vehicles due to their limited supply and decentralized nature. Their primary function is to preserve wealth, offering a hedge against inflation and economic instability. Unlike traditional fiat currencies prone to devaluation, store-of-value cryptocurrencies utilize blockchain technology, ensuring transparency, immutability, and scarcity. Investors often view them as a long-term store of wealth, relying on their stability and potential for future appreciation in value.

How Can $MOLLARS Serve as SOV in Ethereum Blockchain

Anticipated for its limited supply of 10 million tokens and seamless ERC-20 compatibility, Mollars is projected to emerge as a pioneering solution catering to the need for stability, cost-efficiency, and enhanced functionality in managing digital assets.

Enthusiasts foresee a strategic shift among Bitcoin holders toward Mollars tokens as a preferred vehicle for storing value, leveraging Ethereum’s anticipated advancements in speed, reduced transaction costs, and expanded capabilities. This envisioned transition to Mollars would circumvent challenges such as potential congestion and high fees prevalent on the Bitcoin blockchain, ensuring swifter transactions and capitalizing on Ethereum’s forthcoming smart contract functionalities.

The envisioned adoption of Mollars as a future store of value extends beyond pragmatic cost-saving measures; it signifies an opportunity for diversified asset allocation across multiple blockchains. Embracing its interoperability within Ethereum’s evolving ecosystem, Mollars is projected to grant users access to upcoming decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi) innovations while safeguarding their assets within a dependable and stable token.

Mollars Could Be Worth 100 Times More In the Future

The currency’s limited supply and potential as an SOV puts Mollars as a contender for the cryptocurrency market’s next ‘x100Gem’.

The current presale offering at $0.30, will reach $0.62 on listing day, hints at an immediate potential for a 100% return on investment (ROI). However, the currency’s underlying ambition as an SOV suggests a much larger prospective value.

Experts and early investors are eyeing Mollars as a potential growth catalyst, projecting a scenario where its value could skyrocket, potentially worth 100 times more than its current price. Such substantial growth projections stem from the combination of Ethereum’s anticipated advancements, Bitcoin holders’ strategic transition, and Mollars’ role as a stable, cross-chain asset.

The concept of a store-of-value token like Mollars represents a paradigm shift in the cryptocurrency market, mirroring the broader global trend of seeking stable and secure assets amidst economic uncertainties. As Mollars inches closer to its initial coin offering (ICO) and subsequent launch, the market anticipation for its potential valuation amplifies, setting the stage for a promising future as an integral part of Ethereum’s digital asset ecosystem.

Currently just under 31,000 tokens have been sold. View the latest updates of Mollars’ live token presale via their official website —