Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke gives candidate Odette Ramos a boost

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Photo – Odette Ramos (L) with Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke

Friends of Hampden Elementary/Middle School #55 held a fundraiser Friday and also served a delicious spaghetti dinner, put on a disco, along with a silent auction at the school. The dinner was provided by Cafe Hon.

In attendance was Councilwoman Mary Pat Clark of the 14th District, who is not running for re-election and Ms. Odette Ramos, who lives in Charles Village. Ms. Ramos is campaigning hard to succeed in the Councilwoman and is very grateful for her endorsement.

Councilwoman Clarke, in the lobby of the school, made it clear that she is hoping that once her term of office ends in December 2020, that Ms. Ramos will be sworn in to replace her. The Councilwoman believes, too, that Ms. Ramos once in office, “will respond to the needs and our vision for the future.”

Councilwoman Clarke had earlier made in clear in a press release that: “Having worked with Odette for more than two decades, I can testify that she is ready-and-able from day one to bring her determined spirit, collaborative approach, and years of leadership experience to benefit 14th District neighborhoods and our City as a whole.” 

“A new generation is taking the lead, and it’s important for our District to be part of that effort. Odette Ramos will be the first Hispanic-American elected to public office in Baltimore. She helped lead the creation of our City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund.”

The Councilwoman continued: “With April 28, 2020, Primary Election just six months away, I am inviting everyone to please join me and Odette for a fundraiser to kick-off these final and crucial months of the campaign on Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019, at 6 PM, at Odette’s new campaign headquarters, located at: 3338 Greenmount Avenue.”

The year 2020, with the highly-anticipated presidential contest in the mix, along with heavily-contested state and local elections, is going to be one to remember. Get ready, folks, for the fireworks to begin.