Comfort Living: A Guide in Knowing the Different Mattress Type

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As we do daily grinds in our lives, our body would indeed feel tired. Thus, we need to have enough rest at the end of the day. What is worse than feeling tired? It is feeling more tired because you did not get that much comfort and peace during sleep. A bad night’s sleep can then affect you the next day.

You may never notice, but one of the factors affecting your sleep is the mattress you have. A combination of a great mattress and enough sleep will surely wake you up brighter than ever! You may realize by now that having enough sleep is as crucial as having a healthy diet and exercise.

Learning about the different types of mattresses can help you choose the right one for you. Your body sometimes needs the necessary bed to make it more relaxed and comfortable during sleep. Thus, this mattress we list down below provides you an overview of its components and benefits it can give you. Read more to find out.

Memory Foam

Compared to other mattresses, memory foam already garnered much attention and popularity even before. Aside from their relaxing visuals, memory foams are also popular because of their incredible components. They can respond to different body weights and temperatures because of their different densities of foams.

Furthermore, memory foams are also ideal for all sleeping positions. Thus, making the memory foam more versatile to sleep on whichever positions you prefer. As mentioned, body-hugging comfort is beneficial as it can conform and mold your body’s curve. As a result, you will surely achieve a good night’s sleep with fewer back and neck pains. Top mattress brands would surely provide you the best mattresses this 2021!

Innerspring Mattress

Still, one of the most commonly used mattresses among households is the innerspring mattress. Its durability can last for many years of use. It is composed of coil springs that are enclosed individually to make it more long-lasting. Furthermore, the coils are also essential to determine the firmness of the mattress. The more coils they have, the more they can effectively support your body.

Aside from its incredible benefit, one thing that makes it more attractive is its budget-friendly feature. But you will never have to compromise its quality. There are a lot of things you can consider getting one. It may depend on the firmness and fluffiness. Whatever preference it is, an innerspring mattress is still one of the best choices you can get.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses have one of the best materials out there. They are well known for having very firm and bouncy support. Furthermore, they can be made from natural or synthetic rubber. You are probably tired of getting too much back pain and other pains after sleep. Buying a latex mattress can surely provide you the best comfort and rest you have never experienced before.

As mentioned, they can also be eco-friendly mattresses. Specifically, natural latex is made up of the sap of the rubber tree. So how do they do it? To assure you, they are not cutting the trees to get the material. Instead, they follow a process to get the sap that can then encourage tree growth and sustainability. That’s definitely hitting two jackpots at the same time!

Pillow-Top Mattress

A pillow-top mattress is a little different from other typical mattresses you know. They have an additional layer of a pad on the top. The top pillow corner of the mattress is somehow thick with about two inches. This extra thickness can provide you extra comfort and relaxation. They also provide the following multiple advantages to the users:

  • Cooling properties
  • Maintains shape
  • Washable
  • Comfortable fiber layer

Furthermore, the top-pillow mattress is also known for being affordable. Although they are inexpensive, the top-pillow mattress can still do the job right. They can also provide you relief from body aches and pains, especially for side sleepers. In addition, it gives enough comfort for hip and shoulder pressure.

Air Mattress

You may think that air beds or inflatable beds are not that good for sleeping. However, these inexpensive beds still have benefits you will surely enjoy. They can also be of great use in many ways. Air mattresses can be a permanent bed, a guest bed, and even be used for trips and camps.

Aside from that, they also provide enough comfort by allowing custom firmness. This can be especially useful for people experiencing frequent back pains. So what makes it more interesting? As air mattresses use PVC material, it then makes the bed an odor-free one! They may look simple, but air mattresses are indeed worth the try.


Choosing the right mattress that is best for you can be difficult the first time. But having enough knowledge about the different types of it makes it easier for you to decide. That gives you the chance to weigh and compare the appropriate one for you. Consider every bit of pros and cons you discover to end up getting the best for you.

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