Christian Nationalists, Atheistic Globalism and the Liberal Intelligentsia Part I

The American Leftwing – represented by the modern Democratic Party- is once again demonizing its opponents. They label them fascists – ironically using the same name Vladimir Putin calls Ukrainians to justify the invasion of Ukraine.

Not content with resurrecting the old communist tactic of calling their political rivals fascist, Democrats have this abnormal compulsion to define subgroups. Recently the Democrats’ well-oiled propaganda machine began targeting Christians (especially Evangelicals and pro-life Catholics) who believe American policies should benefit Americans. They call them ‘Christian Nationalists.’ They intend to make Christian Nationalism synonymous with ignorance, bigotry, Nazism,  Fascism, superstition, and religious fanaticism.

The literary, artistic, and media sectors of society (which are generally allied with the Left) are enthusiastic contributors to this propaganda campaign. Watch any liberal newscast and there will be someone pontificating about the danger, stupidity, and backwardness of ‘Christian Nationalists.’ This bloviating would be humorous if it were not so serious. But the erroneous notions of the Left and their allies are serious.

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Author Tim Alberta has been making the leftwing media rounds promoting his new book demeaning rightwing evangelicals. As an example of his disdain, Alberta is quoted as saying, in a January 11, 2024 Time magazine interview, “We’ve seen pretty consistently for the last few years, the people time and time and time again, who are the most likely to believe that the vaccines are dangerous… it comes back to white evangelicals.”

This comment is risible. I wrote an article for in February 2015,  about anti-vaxxers. I referenced  Kaiser Permanente research, which said,“…those opposed to immunization may be clustered in affluent areas… It is not necessarily the progeny of the poor, uneducated or uninsured who are not being vaccinated…. Many of these underimmunization or vaccine refusal clusters were located in affluent counties such as Marin … San Francisco and Sonoma, which are among the wealthiest. …All of these communities also have a highly-educated populace.” (Emphasis added)

Dr Tracy A Lieu, the study’s lead author declared in a press release: “This research confirms anecdotal reports of underimmunization clusters.” Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center and a professor of pediatrics in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia corroborated this. He said, “This is consistent with our experience. Generally, parents who choose not to vaccinate their children are typically Caucasian, upper middle class to upper class, invariably college educated, often graduate school educated, professionals….”

Sort of blows a hole in Alberta’s thesis.

Another sterling example of the ignorance of the Left is a statement by the esteemed Leftwing journalist Heidi Pryzbyla. On a recent television talk show Pryzbyla mentioned that Christian Nationalists think their rights come from God. She seemed astonished and wary of such a radical notion.

Pryzbyla said, “There are a lot of groups orbiting Trump, but the thing that unites them as Christian nationalists — is that they believe that our rights as Americans, as all human beings, don’t come from any earthly authority. They don’t come from Congress, they don’t come from the Supreme Court, they come from God.”

Obviously, Heidi never read the Declaration of Independence. She is the paradigm of the failure of American education. She is the epitome of the vacuous college-educated American liberal Democrat. No other person could be so foolish.

Despite their disdain for religious middle-class Americans, I do not think Alberta or Pryzbyla are communists or atheists. I did not think Barack Obama was -despite his famous ‘clinging to their guns and religion” remark. But they do share many of the same ideas as atheists and communists.

A man who was very well acquainted with atheistic globalists – i.e. Marxists- described them in a novel. The great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky’s 1871 work, “The Possessed” (aka Demons) described 19th-century communists who displayed the same traits as the 21st-century atheistic globalists.

A major character, Pyotr Verkhovensky, leads a group of revolutionaries who want to dismantle all societal institutions. Verkhovensky describes his fellow nihilists (essentially the communists) for the novel’s central character Nikolai Stavrogin. Verkhovensky explains who is with them, “…a teacher who laughs with children at their God and at their cradle; is on our side. The lawyer who defends an educated murderer because he is more cultured than his victims and could not help murdering them to get money is one of us. …The juries who acquit every criminal are ours. The prosecutor who trembles at a trial for fear he should not seem advanced enough is ours…. Among officials and literary men, we have lots, lots, and they don’t know it themselves.”

How prophetic Dostoevsky was. Indeed, one can easily draw parallels in modern-day America to those described by Verkhovensky. For example, “who defends an educated murderer because he is more cultured than his victims .” Is this not what drove novelist Norman Mailer to advocate the release of the murderer Jack Abbott? (Abbott, it should be noted, subsequently murdered an innocent person after his release.)

Then there is “a teacher who laughs with children at their God.” Does this not describe some educators today who prohibit, if not outright deride, religious expression in favor of gender ideology?

Of course, the prosecutor “who trembles at a trial for fear he should not seem advanced enough” describes the Soros’ prosecutor.

Finally, the statement, “Among officials and literary men we have lots, lots, and they don’t know it themselves.” Does this not describe the 21st-century liberal, mainstream media, authors, bureaucrats, and academicians who are the “useful idiots.”

Next week we will explore the history of Antonio Gramsci – the most influential Italian you do not know.

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