Choosing a Realtor: 4 Essential Tips

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When selling a home, working with a qualified realtor is essential. However, if you’ve never hired a realtor to help you sell a home before, you may not know how to find one.

Don’t worry if that’s the case. Choosing a realtor can be much easier if you keep the following essential tips in mind.

Find One Who Goes Above and Beyond

There are certain basic steps any real estate agent should take to improve the odds of selling a home more quickly. An example would be creating a Zillow listing so potential buyers can find your home when searching for houses in your area.

However, some realtors take additional steps to further boost the odds of selling your home in a timely manner and for a fair price. For example, innovative and forward-thinking real estate agencies will now create virtual tours that allow potential buyers to explore homes without visiting them. They may also create professional-quality videos of properties.

There are many reasons this can help you sell a home quickly. For instance, potential buyers might have busy lives. They may only be inclined to visit properties if they thoroughly believe they might be interested in buying them. A virtual tour and video of your home can thus attract potential buyers who might not want to waste time visiting it if they only saw a few static pictures of the house. Virtual tours and videos can also appeal to those who don’t currently live in your part of the country, but are planning on moving there.

Pay Attention to What They Focus on When Marketing Properties

When interviewing potential real estate agents and researching them, pay particular attention to the way they market properties. Some realtors focus primarily on themselves when marketing homes.

That’s not ideal. Your goal when choosing a realtor is to work with someone who focuses on your property in their marketing content. This will help you find a buyer fast.

Ask for Referrals

True, you may have never sold a home in your area before, but you might know people who have. Ask them for referrals. The names they provide may not necessarily end up being the real estate agents you decide to work with, but they can at least give you a good place from which to start.

Trust Your Intuition

What’s most important to prioritize when hiring a realtor is their level of experience and their history of success. However, it’s worth noting that many homeowners report being most satisfied with their choice of a real estate agent when they trusted their own “gut feelings” about a realtor.

When interviewing a real estate agent you may be thinking about working with, pay attention to how comfortable you feel (or don’t feel) during your interactions with them. If you’re getting a distinctly “bad vibe” from someone, even if you can’t precisely explain why you may want to consider another option.

Just be sure to take your time instead of rushing into a decision. Choosing the right real estate agent can play a critical role in determining how your home sale unfolds. These tips will simply make finding a reliable real estate agent easier.

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