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Cheater: Yep I did it

For the first time, I’m a cheater. OK, there was that one time I cheated on The Ex, but he deserved it so it doesn’t count.  #sorrynotsorry

Cheater_1Looking over my blogs from the last few months, I realize that my vacation from men is anything but a vacation. It’s more like I’m taking a Mancation from Mr. Right and practicing my love life with a bunch of Mr. Right Now’s.

The problem is, I’m not really sure what it takes to be in love. There are some days that I fall in love with every guy I see at the grocery store. And let’s be honest, I’m not just some average-looking girl living it up in the Hollywood Hills, so I can safely assume that any guy I set my sights on would be lucky to have me.

Above AverageHow will I know when I’m in the vicinity of Casanova Calvin? Many of my recent dates seem like Forever Fred until I find out they’re married, broke, gay, or they have me kicked out of a nightclub on our first date.

The real Mancation should be about using all the Mr. Right Now’s to my advantage. Not necessarily to get presents or anything that shallow (although I do enjoy flowers and diamonds), but rather to learn as much about what I want or don’t want in Prince Charming.

FlowersAfter having one last bubbly fling with Bathtub Bob, I gave him the boot. I loved our peculiar times together, but because he was married and lived thousands of miles away, I didn’t see it working out.

Bye BobSo, I took a second date with Token and it was completely drama-less. He brought me a giant bouquet of flowers, we ate dinner, I drank a little too much, and he dropped me off at home.

But, just because there was no drama doesn’t mean he can’t bloom into Captain Perfect. I usually date guys that introduce me to their cocaine dealer on the second date, or take me out on the back of a motorcycle only to get arrested halfway through the date for drunk driving. #sorrymom

tokenkissYeah, I’m a cheater, only this time it might be for all the right reasons. If I can keep the drama away …

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