CBD and its Effects on Your Body Weight- Here is everything you need to know

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Cannabidiol which is commonly referred to as CBD is a wide compound that is derived from a plant called cannabis. Although the common and the readily available CBD comes in the form of CBD oil, you are also likely to get CBD sprays, topical CBD creams, and so many other forms. CBD is normally attributed to so many benefits among them pain relief, lowered anxiety and also a good heart and brain wellness. There is little information about CBD’s effect on losing weight. This article will explore the recent research on this subject to the relation between CBD and weight loss.

Bodyweight and CBD

CBD oil has of late gained a lot of popularity since people believe that there are so many CBD oil benefits. It is mostly associated with weight loss. All the same, recent research is not clearly showing the effect CBD has on body weight. However, there are studies that reveal that CBD can boost metabolism and reduce appetite and consequently body fat. Some other studies, on the other hand, show an increase in appetite after using CBD products.

Body Metabolism and CBD

Research indicates that CBD actually has a direct effect on metabolism. After carefully studying CBD’s effect on the immature fat cells, it was found out that CBD can use three ways to effect “fat browning”. It was found out that CBD stimulated those genes and proteins with the role of increasing the fat breakdown. What’s more, it was found out that CBD actually lowers proteins’ expression which are involved in the creation of new cells of fat.

Most people believe that white fat increases the chances of heart diseases and diabetes. On the other hand, the brown fat will promote weight loss through energy building. Studies reveal that CBD has the potential to induce the process of “fat browning” which is essentially turning white fat into brown fat.

Will CBD help me with weight loss?

The main reason why you are probably gaining weight is very basic. Chances are that you are taking in so many calories compared to the ones that you are letting out. All the same, the ability to burn fat will essentially be affected by so many factors. A compromised metabolism process attributed to hormonal imbalances, metabolic pattern changes, and inflammation status can also affect fat burning. Steady weight loss means that you should return to a healthy balance between the immune, nervous, digestive and the ECS. The question now becomes how one can modulate the ECS with CBD. Below is what research and studies say about using CBD to lose weight.

Research and studies Suggest

  • Suppresses appetite

The best CBD oil will help you achieve your weight loss through a reduction in appetite. Most people link the use of cannabis with appetite stimulation since smokers are normally very hungry. CBD will never induce hunger as opposed to its THC counterpart. It is therefore ideal for weight loss.

  • Promotes fat browning

CBD is also claimed to convert white fat into brown fat which aids in burning calories. White fat is attributed to increasing the risk of chronic conditions. Other than converting white fat into brown fat, CBD is also attributed to fat breakdown in your body. This leads to weight loss in return.

  • Lowers the risk of metabolic disorders

Obesity can lead to so many metabolic disorders like high blood pressure. This is as a result of the over activation of your body’s CBD receptors. Due to the fact that CBD can block the CB1 receptors, it is right to say that it can lower obesity risks.

  • Reduces inflammation

You can buy CBD oil for pain and inflammation too. A metabolic dysfunction will involve chronic inflammation. Among the body organs that are at high risk will be the pancreas especially for obese and diabetic individuals. Chronic inflammation will damage those beta cells responsible for secreting insulin. Once the body lacks the ability to yield good insulin levels, you are at high risk of obesity and diabetes.

Will CBD promote weight Gain?

Even though CBD can have beneficial effects on weight loss and appetite, it might conversely lead to weight gain. In some cases, CBD has proved to increase appetite. As a matter of fact, among the most common side effects of CBD will be changes in appetite. All the same, more research is needed to establish the effects that CBD has on one’s appetite since it will always vary. There are several factors which will influence hunger if you will take CBD. Some of these factors include genetic and the kind of product that you are using.


Earlier studies’ results about CBD and weight loss are very promising. This can prompt more research still on this topic. CBD can be very advantageous to those people who wish to lose weight, suppress their appetite and even burn calories. However, it is necessary not to overstate the claims. A proper and healthy diet together with exercising will be the best way to achieve weight loss. You need to understand that CBD is not required to replace some other medications for chronic conditions. Additionally, if you are looking to use CBD, it is a good idea to communicate with your doctor to understand how it interacts with the existing medication.

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