Missing the Point:  The Integrity of a Major Campaign Theme

This isn’t about who’s going to win.  Mr. Moore is going to win.  He’s the Democrat candidate running in a state where his party outnumbers the opposition by two to one.  He’s intelligent, well-spoken and naturally charismatic.  For most of us, it’s an easy call.  Not even our current, Republican Governor is willing to endorse his own party’s candidate. 

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Missing the Point: The Truth About Campaign Contributions

What I found was a remarkable 25,187 contributions received in less than 16 months between May 6, 2021, and August 23, 2022. Keep in mind that there were fewer contributors than the number of contributions because many people made more than one contribution.

Lots of out-of-state money. Of the total contributions, only 53% of dollars contributed came from Maryland – only 50% of contributions of $1000 or more. Contributors who don’t live here generally don’t care as much about Maryland as residents do – and yet current election law allows them to determine, to a great extent, who we elect to the office of Governor.

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