Captain America in the Mirror

i am a broken
plastic superhero
i was so captain america
but the orgies of tornadoes
and the prophecies
from the underground shelters
have disintegrated my shield
no one wants to reach out
it is all take
the octopodal bank execs
the iron-jaws of politicians
the valkyries that ride the airwaves
their tails fanning frenzied breezes
i am the hero shadow-boxing
breaking my hand against a wall
i believed all those god-like virtues
i studied my civics
enlisted in the army for free oil flow
loved the girl next door
she has come down with an STD
and i am not the father of her child
who never tells a lie
and says he hates me
will kill me
for superheroes are freaks
not tolerated in middle america
where robert e lee rides again
his eyes ablaze with delusion