Can You Tell If a Pokie Machine Will Pay Out

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Earnings from playing pokies at any casino depend solely on luck. This is because pokie games use a random number generator and are controlled by a computer. This means that no tactic is infallible and you should not expect an exact result from the machine. However, players want a good payout percentage when playing casino games, including online pokies.

Important Pokie Terms to Know

Random Number Generator (RNG): It is a microprocessor that generates game results randomly through algorithms. With this, RNGs would likely ensure that the game is fair at all times. Most reputable and accredited gambling sites rely on RNGs that have been verified by other agencies.

Note! RNGs are endorsed by agencies like Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) and iTech Labs. Knowing which agencies vouch for these RNGs and understanding their verification process adds a layer of trust.

Paytable: It is a list of every combo and the prizes that are associated with it for a certain game. While each spin is unique, looking at a machine’s track record can sometimes provide added insights.

Return to Player (RTP): It is the percentage that a player should anticipate receiving for each round played in a pokie game. 

But, remember about the difference between theoretical and actual RTP: while the RTPs provide a theoretical number (like 95% RTP), real-life sessions might see players experience anything from 80% to 110% RTP in the short term due to the law of large numbers.

Volatility: It’s the probability of winning a bet. Plus, it provides players with an indication regarding the worth winning that they could expect. The volatility of pokie games is usually low or high.

Strategies to Predict When A Pokie Machine Will Pay Out

Our team of experts has done the research and written a list of recommendations to help you understand whether a pokie machine will pay.

Knowing the Paytable and Return to Player Rates. In broad perspectives, pokie machines that have greater RTPs will provide players with greater chances of succeeding. 

For instance, a pokie game has 94% RTP. It implies that one could win $94 for a wager of $100. The remaining 6% is the game’s house edge. A 97% or above RTP is considered a good rate. 

However, a game can have a high RTP with a low variance. That is, in such games, players will have access to stable payouts but with a small prize.

Maximizing the Use of Bonus Rounds. The majority of traditional pokie machines have extra rounds that can give out greater rewards and higher winning chances. Keep an eye out during these rounds for indications of an impending reward. 

Assessing Pokie Machine Locations. Pokie machines that are found in high-traffic areas are typically played more than usual. It means they can be eligible for payout earlier compared to pokie games situated in low-traffic locations. Likewise, pokie machines that are located close to escapes or entryways typically pay out more often as well. This is because they are intended to draw users.

Make Use of Free Spins. Playing for free is a good method to practice and gain knowledge on how a pokie machine operates. The majority of gambling sites offer gamers sign-up bonuses, bonus free spins, and many more. The catch is, that you don’t have to risk spending your cash, but it’s a perfect opportunity to become familiarized using the paytable. 

But don’t get fooled by false blurbs from some casinos regarding free spins. Ensure to read out their terms and conditions before playing so you can have an enjoyable leisure time. 

Check the Pokie Machines Volatility. This strategy aids individuals in predicting what they will receive. High-volatile pokie machines don’t pay out very often. However, when it pays, large winnings are guaranteed. 

For instance, you could play $2 per spin for 99 times and you could win nothing out of it. However, you could also win $600 all at once on your 100th spin. On the other hand, low-volatile pokie games may offer you a higher probability of winning. In particular, if you have a $200 bankroll and you bet $10 at a time, you could frequently win  $2-$20.

Use the Zigzag Strategy. It shows that whenever the win combos are arranged in a zigzag pattern, this means that the pokie machine will release a payout. Nonetheless, pokie machines still draw combinations randomly so this strategy may not be applicable at all times.

As you can see, there is no exact strategy on how to determine whether a machine will pay or not. You can use some of the tactics mentioned above to minimize your losses.