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Can ample meal replacement shakes cause acne ? Top Drinks Review

After going through a vigorous workout schedule and pumping iron, your muscles will definitely undergo some wear and tear. You will need to give some sort of fuel to your muscles in order to repair all the tears that your hectic workout schedule causes. This fuel helps in the process of muscle growth. However, there are many situations wherein people are pressed for time. If you are also one of them, you will naturally reach out for the simplest and highly accessible source of protein you can lay your hands on. Most often than not it is the protein shake in such matters. However, if you have such shakes on a regular basis, you may soon witness an acne breakout on your skin.

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Whey Protein and Acne

It is normally seen that the dairy content in protein shakes may be the primary cause for acne breakout. This may also happen if you add milk to the powder. It is needless to say that milk contains whey and casein, both of which are types of protein. These two types of proteins are also common in most of the protein shakes or powders available at the stores.

According to Meghan Freely, M.D., the primary cause out of the two types of protein is whey. This protein tends to increase the production of insulin in your body, which is a type of hormone. This, in turn, gives rise to an increase in the production of sebum, which is mainly associated with the rapid development of acne. Whey can also activate the production of androgens, which are also hormones and mainly work by overstimulating all the oil glands. As a result of this, the pores on your skin can get clogged and this leads to acne breakouts.

It is also true that whey has the potential of disturbing the natural ability of your body of processing blood sugar efficiently. It can give rise to inflammation, especially in your skin. This increases the production of sebum from the sebaceous glands that lead to acne. Thus, if you are easily prone to acne, it is best to avoid protein shakes that have a high carbohydrate level of added sugar.

Protein Breakouts – How to Deal with It?

If you witness acne breakout after having protein shakes, it may often discourage you from having the drink in the days to come. If you are sure that your protein shake is the primary cause of the acne breakout, the best thing to do would try and get rid of the drink from your daily diet. You may try avoiding whey protein for a few days to try and see if the breakout improves over time. There are also protein shakes that are made with dairy-free ingredients such as collagen protein or pea protein or hemp. It will also be a good thing to ensure that you get proper protein from your whole food sources, as well. It is also good for you to note that sometimes your workout routine may also have some involvement in your acne breakout.

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