Boost your weight loss with fat removal procedures

Weight loss can add many health benefits to your life. Extra weight adds to many health issues, such as diabetes, and high cholesterol. Losing weight, however, comes with many challenges. It can take a significant amount of time to change the diet and implement exercise routines. Some individuals may prefer to get a head start with at fat removal procedure. A non-surgical method is less invasive and can be done more quickly.

Trouble Spots

Certain areas of the body seem to hold fat more readily than others. The stomach and rear areas are often targets for fat removal. These areas show clearly in swimwear and often take many months to tone up. Thighs and arms also prove to be popular areas where change is requested. Exercise and toning can be continued with the addition of fat removal to achieve goals in a shorter time frame. Everyone has a certain area that causes them the most trouble. It has a lot to do with the genetics and how you are naturally shaped. Some areas simply need more attention for change to occur.

Avoidance of Dangerous Surgeries

Surgical fat removal surgeries are a popular option for people who are frustrated with stubborn fat. These procedures, however, come with many risks. The anesthesia, alone, is not something that should be taken lightly. These methods also come with the possibility of nerve and tissue damage, as they are extremely invasive to the body. Non-surgical procedures offer avoidance of more complicated situations. Time off of work for surgery and recovery is also required in these instances. Full recovery can take weeks, leaving you unable to tend to your regular routines, as well. Liposuction and tummy tucks can be quite damaging. There is no reason to put your body in danger for aesthetic purposes.


Freezing is the method used in Dore Aesthetics. A degree of cold is used that targets fat cells while leaving nerves and tissue intact. The fat cells crystallize in response to the cold temperature, eventually dying off. This process takes a few weeks to complete after the initial procedure. You can, however, go on about your regular schedule while the cells shrink and die. Once the cells cease to live, they are naturally reabsorbed by your body and removed as waste. This permanently removes the cells, allowing you time to complete your fitness goals without concern for their return. Combined with healthy eating and activity, this method can easily speed up a fat loss schedule.

Summer is fast approaching and many people would like to make a positive change to their image before they wear a swimsuit. With surgical procedures, you are sure to be recovering instead of enjoying the sunshine. Some surgeries also result in scarring of the skin. The dangers and after effects can be avoided when the non-surgical procedure is chosen. Freezing of the fat cells can take place one short appointment, with results continuing for several weeks as the cells die off. Get a head start on your weight loss goals today.