Can this nutraceutical reverse the aging process

Since the dawn of technology and science, when voodoo and magic and alchemy were banished to the dusty corners of ignorant superstition, mankind has spent innumerable hours and untold amounts of wealth on finding ways and means to reverse the seemingly inevitable process of aging — of growing old and weak, bilious and forgetful, helpless and fearful. The battle against physical and mental decline has been fought nobly by scientists and researchers around the globe, and some progress has been made. Science has shown that a proper diet, plenty of sleep, moderate exercise, good hygiene, and positive mental attitude, all can help slow down the aging process and give to a person, not necessarily a longer life, but one that is happier and more productive, and less of a hostage to the built-in decay of our minds and bodies.

New discovered supplements from many different companies, including the Elysium Health consortium, show a great deal of promise in the area of geriatric rejuvenation. Their current product offering, Basis, is exhibiting great potential in the battle that scientists wage on a daily basis to give to the golden years of life a serenity and healthy energy that will make old age seem like more of a blessing than even youth itself!

These remarkable nutraceuticals are proving to be powerful allies in the war against the ills of advancing age, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. Some experts now predict that within a decade the groundwork that is being laid today by companies like Elysium Health will lead to powerful supplements that slow down the aging process in ways that can only be imagined right now.

Scoffers may say that this is all pie in the sky daydreaming and that reputable scientists and researchers will not have anything to do with such posturing. But that’s definitely not true, not for Elysium Health; their board of research directors includes six winners of the Nobel Prize. And their head is Leonard Guarente, who runs MIT’s Center for Aging Studies. He has made an acute study of gerontology for over a decade, and he would not be part of Elysium if he did not find some value and promise in their research and their products.

Guarente’s lab at MIT is not only looking into the possibilities of nutraceuticals like Basis, but also the role that genes play in the aging process. Statistical studies during the past fifty years show that some nationalities, like the Japanese and the Bulgarians, are naturally longer lived than any other national group. This intrigues Guarente to no end. Is it their diet that is extending their life? The environment they live in? Their mindset? Or is it a particular gene, or set of genes, that they inherit from their ancestors that keep them healthy and living longer? While no hard and fast answers have emerged yet, the consensus among experts on aging is that it’s a combination of things that leads to a longer and healthier life, and an inexpensive regimen of Basis should tip the scales in favor of a longer and happier life.