Baltimore Employers Must Boost Engagement – Digital Events Can Provide That Platform

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Working from home has become the new norm for many Baltimore residents, but it hasn’t come without its disadvantages. New research analyzed by the Baltimore Sun has found that many remote workers are struggling with the lack of connection they have with their physical office, and many employers need to be doing more to stay engaged with their employees. One effective way of doing this is digital events, a medium that allows employers to bring together their staff in one virtual room. It’s not as easy as simply scheduling a meeting, however.

Engaging staff

Remote workers are, by nature, somewhat less engaged with their business. This is the view of the Harvard Business Review, which found from research conducted in 2018 that remote workers are less engaged and more likely to quit. A simple Zoom call is unlikely to rectify this, so businesses should think outside the box. Look to establish digital events that have a radical edge to them: think of interactive ways to engage in which employees can be in constant contact, but also have the opportunity to share their views in a way that is thought-provoking and provides a backdrop to become more in-touch with the business.

A reliable routine

Digital events can be deployed as frequently or as rarely as you like. Speak to your employees to find out what they need. It could be that one event per month is all they need to feel a lot closer to their business and more passionate about their work; it could be something more frequent, like a team meeting with interactive elements every Friday, is more appropriate. Your approach should be tailored and routine-centered in order to help employees fit it into their home life.

Multiple ways to communicate

Research has shown that, in general, remote working improves productivity. This is not the whole picture, however, and CNBC highlight that dull tasks and the impact of the family can damage productivity. With homes louder than ever, it can make a quiet moment difficult to obtain for many workers. In order to properly help your staff engage, allow them to communicate through several mediums so they can be uninterrupted when they need to communicate.

The key lies in making digital events equitable for all. Making them an even and fair process through which people can contact their colleagues will mean a boost in productivity in the long term. Hopefully, it will boost engagement too, keeping employees working happily for longer.

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