Baltimore Authorities Shutdown Major Drug Operation As Maryland State Battles With Addiction

Baltimore is one of a large number of cities across the USA battling with addiction at present, with many people having found themselves with major health concerns due to the likes of alcohol and drugs.

The pandemic saw more and more people turn to the bottle, with a large outpatient alcohol treatment list of patients now evident as people look to get their lives back on track. And it’s a similar story with drugs too, with fentanyl abuse at crisis levels not just in Baltimore, but right across the USA.

Government officials are trying to ease the strain across all substance abuse in the state, and news is being reported that two Baltimore-based fentanyl drug trafficking organizations have been shut down in recent weeks.

The bust saw 34 people arrested with the drugs they were distributing leading to two deaths and a huge spike in overdoses across the Maryland and West Virginia region.

As part of the bust, it saw the arrest of 30-year-old Kestrel Anthony Rollins, from Baltimore, who is believed to be one of the leaders of the operation and alongside the sale of drugs, was also said to be involved in firearms trafficking and the trade of guns for drugs. A number of these firearms were obtained, with a further 12 people being charged.

Sean Jarred Davis of Baltimore was the second indictment and is alleged to be the leader of a conspiracy to distribute over 40 grams of fentanyl as well as another opioid, heroin. A further 22 individuals have also been charged in relation to this particular bust, taking the two operations to a total of 34 arrests.

William Ihlenfeld, United States Attorney said of the case, reported on Fox Baltimore, “Fentanyl continues to be the number one threat to public safety in the region and much of it flows here from Baltimore.

“The investigators are to be commended for their outstanding work in identifying the sources of supply and halting their operations.”

There’s of course a long way to go before the state can say it’s in control of its rising drug and alcohol addiction problems, but busts like this, alongside the growing amount of treatment and rehab centers becoming available in Baltimore will only help as it looks to put a lid on what is becoming a huge and fatal issue for so many of the city and Maryland’s residents.