Artscape with a celestial theme is off to a roaring start

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Friday, July 15, 2016, was opening day for Artscape. This year the three-day event is featuring a celestial theme. Exhibits reflecting that lofty image are lined-up on north Charles Street from the University of Baltimore above Mt. Royal and down to Preston Street.


The organizers of the colorful festival even went to the trouble of creating a “space advisory committee” to help them put the program together. In my opinion, their hard work has paid off. Some of the artists whose work were on display also pushed a “space” theme, as did some of the merchants with “2-d and 3-d mixed media art” packages.

Despite the heat, which had mercifully toned down a couple of degrees after 6 p.m., the streets were packed with festival goers.


There was plenty of food, art and music as well as lots of things for kids to enjoy.


Meanwhile, the University of Baltimore is presenting “Gamescape.” Visitors can browse and “interact with video games” there and also chat with video developers. This includes a wide array of video games from “Pac-Mac to pinball and more.”

There is also an area called, “Kidscape,” located on Mt. Royal Avenue near Corpus Christi Church  just for the youngsters “to channel their creative spirits.” There are “street performers,” too on all three days/nights of the festival.

There were as least two large stages with music blasting away as well as the main stage located at the Mt. Royal R/R Station (now a MICA institution). Tonight the popular and talented Wyclef Jean performed his “hip hop/rap” thing before a captive audience.



The official program for this year’s festivities runs to over 22 pages. Indeed, Artscape has rightfully claimed the title of “America’s largest free arts festival.” To learn more, go to: