Arnon Dror’s Tips on Being a Great Business Person

Arnon Dror is a respectable businessman who has over two decades in business, during this time he has succeeded in business ventures all over the world focusing on finance and operations. Arnon, despite his 23 years in business, is still someone who works tirelessly to refine his craft and be the best businessman that he can be. Last year an Arnon Door biography went viral as more and more people realized just how successful and wise he was, and we were very lucky to catch up with Arnon to get some tips on being a great business person, let’s hear what the man himself had to say.

Be Kind

Arnon Dror has worked with many business owners ding his years in the game and what gets his goat more than anything else are the draconian monsters that operate some companies. Arnon Dror has always been someone who has put being kind before being nasty and whilst he does admit that there is often a need for nastiness, it is always better to lead with kindness.


Something which Arnon Dror recommends is to have a lot of knowledge about what you are doing and whilst that may sound somewhat obvious, he speaks about the number of CEOs and owners who simply don’t know enough. For Arnon Dror Wikipedia is not a reliable source to find out about your competitors, your customers and your industry and so you must do a little bit more digging than that.

The Ages

For Arnon Dror age is only a number and he prefers to view his business in terms of just three ages, past present and future. His tips on managing your business in this way is to learn from failures and success from the past, and make sure that you only take the successes into your future. The present should be where 80% of your brain is right now as this is where we learn from the past and the other 20% of your brain should be very much focused on what is around the corner. Looking to the future helps you spot both opportunities and danger.

Money, Money, Money

The reason why most businesses fail is down to poor financial decisions and financial mismanagement so this is somewhere to focus heavily on within your business. Make sure that you have professionals looking after your finances, who will be able to give you solid advice from a neutral standpoint.

Who’s Buying?

No matter what kind of company you are operating, you should always place your highest focus on who is buying your products and services. They are the people who you need to keep happy, they are the people who you should be working for and they are the people who keep a business going. Without the people who buy, your business is worth nothing so make sure that they are well cared for and that you deliver the best product or service that you possibly can.