Are you wondering how to get an 877 toll-free number?

In this article, we’ll take a look at what an 877 number is, and how to get one from a qualified service provider.

What is an 877 toll-free number?

An 877 number is a toll-free phone number in the United States included in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). Much like toll-free numbers that begin with the prefixes 800, 888, 866, 855, and 844, an 877 phone number is a phone number that can be dialed without the caller incurring any charges for placing the call. This also allows callers to reach businesses and individuals that are out of the area without being charged long-distance fees for the placing call.  

Benefits of an 877 toll-free number

Toll-free numbers for business offer a number of benefits for businesses. Here is a look at what they offer and why businesses should consider them a valuable asset.

Professional appearance

When you think about the last time that you contacted a large enterprise, did you dial a toll-free number with an 1-8XX prefix? Chances are you did, and if you run a business, you can benefit from the professional appearance that’s common for customer-service calling. Toll-free service has traditionally provided potential customers and clients with a free and convenient way to contact your business, which makes it ideal for newer small businesses and startups that are looking to be taken seriously in their target markets.


While providing a toll-free number may seem like a courtesy on behalf of your business, the truth is that toll-free numbers allow customers and clients to reach your business when they may not have the means to dial long-distance on a landline telephone. Offering toll-free numbers gives you access to people that your business would otherwise exclude, opening up lines of communication that your competitors may not offer.

(Note: Toll-free numbers vary from country to country. Therefore, if you want to access new international markets, you’ll need to use ITFS numbers, which stands for “International Toll-Free Service” numbers. ITFS numbers are most often paired with the functionality of virtual phone numbers, which route calls immediately from one phone number to another. This means that if you want to reach customers in Dubai, using a Dubai toll-free number allows you to reach potential customers that your business otherwise would not have the opportunity to reach.)

Geographical freedom

One of the benefits to toll-free numbers is that they’re geographically agnostic. This means that those who dial your toll-free phone number don’t necessarily know where the call is being received, nor do those who receive your call. This can aid businesses that are looking for a national appeal without being tied to a particular region of the United States (and other places in the NANP).

How to get an 877 toll-free number

To get an 877 toll-free number, start by selecting a telecom service provider, such as Global Call Forwarding.

At the company’s website, specify the desired 800 area code that you want — in this case, it would be an 877 prefix. After that, you will then select the actual number from a list of available numbers. Also, it’s possible to request a vanity number (a phone number with a visually appealing set of digits for marketing purposes), although these numbers usually require paying a nominal fee for the service. Once you’ve chosen the desired phone number, you will be required to supply the destination number where phone calls will be routed. Next, you’ll then select a plan that suits your usage and business needs. From there, you can add a number of features and add-ons that can add functionality to your 877 phone number. After you’ve done this, you’ll be required to enter in your contact information, billing information, agree to a standard terms & conditions form, and review your purchase before finalizing your purchase. Once you’re satisfied and you complete your purchase, your 877 toll-free number will be available for use in one business day.