Are You Thinking About The Switch Supplier Option?

You are still using a prepayment meter and you have recently heard that this is not the best option for paying for electricity. Therefore you may really want to make a switch from the prepayment meter to normal electricity. Prepayment meters are mostly still used by people who experienced some setbacks in paying the electricity bills before. 

However, people living in rental apartments and even people consumed with debt still choose this option of having a prepayment meter. You may be thinking of sticking with your prepayment meter or going an entirely new route in terms of getting energy. Irrespective of your decision, choosing Simply Switch to help you find the most affordable energy plan for you could be one of the best choices you will ever make.

By using the Simply Switch website, you can gain a list of all the possible energy providers offering deals on energy at the most affordable prices in your area alone. Sounds like quite the treat, doesn’t it?

How drawn out is the process of switching from one energy provider to another?

If you are considering seriously making a switch from one energy provider to the next but are being held back by the idea that the process could be far too long and tedious, drop that thought immediately. Just by visiting the website of companies like Simply Switch means already putting your foot forward in the direction of ease. Simply Switch acts as a helping hand. 

Once you have found a new energy provider whom you are keen on, we do all the phone calls for you. We call on your previous energy provider and let them know that you are moving on to a new energy provider. We also take the onus upon ourselves to contact the new energy provider and actually get the ball rolling in terms of where your monthly energy will come from in the foreseeable future. 

How Much Will it Cost to Get a Helping Hand?

Well, while you may be wondering how much extra you are expected to pay when doing a comparison via the website, here’s some good news. Making a switch with Simply Switch is free and at no additional cost to you. Simply Switch gets a commission fee from the service providers who you do make the switch to; however, this transaction is completely done without involving you. You will incur no additional costs or unnecessary comparison fees when you decide to rope in help to assist you in making an energy switch.

Ofgem Accredited

Some companies like Simply Switch are Ofgem accredited. Another important thing is that companies like Simply Switch have gained a reputation for being Ofgem accredited. If you were wondering how we offered the fairest energy quotes possible, it is because we comply with the code of practice: The Confidence Code. Since our site is Ofgem accredited for adhering to the code, it means that when you visit the site you will be certain that energy prices have been collected in a fair way free from any sort of bias. So we help you find the best energy service provider operating in your area. We also give detailed information about every single tariff including gas and electricity unit prices. The Simply Switch Company is one that even details discounts offered and the like. Again being Ofgem accredited it means that when you have any complaints about our service, we advocate an open door policy. You are more than welcome to air grievances that you may have about the comparison process or any other issue. We will go the extra mile to ensure that all grievances are dealt with accordingly and sorted out. 

Save with the Best Tariffs

Having read one too many articles on how the energy prices have soared recently and how energy prices are set to reach an ever-increasing high, it is only advisable that you make the switch to an energy provider offering the best possible tariffs. Then again even if you are not keen on making an immediate switch, you can simply get a comparison done of the various energy providers’ charge for energy. You may even find that you pay for your gas and electricity from two separate suppliers and you would rather choose to go with one energy provider as a means for saving in the long run. This is another option available at your fingertips should you wish to go down this route. There is no harm in trying to save some money for your own pocket when you pay your monthly energy bill.