Apex Legends Loba Guide: Pro gaming tips for season 5

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Loba has come straight out of the gate making a bigger impact than perhaps any other released Legend before her. Her potential lies within precise patient tactical usage. It has a big skill curve; So it’s going to take some time to learn.

The following tips will surely help you against apex hacks.

Before we get into the pro tips and the more advanced stuff. We need to go over some of the basics because you must be familiar with the basics. Find ultimate apex legends hacks PC here.

The first thing is when you hold down the Tactical button, you’ll get an Arc that shows you how far you can throw it and you’ll have a blue line and an orange line. The Orange Line sort of shows you where you will land, but it also has another role. You can also cancel it. Make sure you learn that keypress. The cancel it button is different to the button you have to press when you cancel it when it’s thrown in midair.

Now when you throw the bracelet you can also cancel it and when you cancel the Tactical it solves two purposes. One, it means that you essentially with a very short delay will teleport immediately, and second, if someone’s pushing you can get out of that situation very quickly. That’s great.

You know, if you’re just going to throw it far and wait for it to land, people are going to push you while you’re just standing there and that’s never very fun. So instead what you want to do is cancel it manually and then you’ll teleport immediately. Once you have thrown the bracelet. It doesn’t matter where you are. You can’t move around. You don’t have to keep the line of sight with the bracelet.

Another thing you have to realize about Loba’s tactic is that it makes a ton of noise. It has two very clear visual indicators which mean when you throw the bracelet, somebody is going to know that Loba has teleported in. This means if you want to engage then you have to be very smart with your placements.

The best thing I think it’s useful for is when you damage an enemy and they go behind cover to heal, you can then teleport near them and finish them off. However, don’t just wildly teleport on top of people. because when you teleport, there is a period where your movement is very slow and you have a period where you cannot equip weapons. if you just teleport under somebody you’re going to die. instead, teleport right next to somebody on a piece of cover or behind a piece of cover. So essentially shoot someone from a distance and throw the Tactical next to cover, teleport to that cover, and then you have time for the animation to play out so that you can shoot them.

There are so many areas you can throw the bracelet. Essentially if you can throw a grenade through a small Gap you can throw the bracelet. So be creative and experiment and learn about all of the places you can throw this thing. There are so many small gaps and windows that you can throw through; that can benefit you. You can catch people off guard.

Another interesting tip is that you can use the Tactical on a zip line which means in some cases you can kind of completely cut out that redeploy animation.

I also think that there is a lot of potential for Synergy with Loba’s abilities and other abilities when you use Loba’s teleport, for example, it could be paired well with a shadow totem or perhaps octane’s jump pad.

Let’s say you want to push into a fight right, but you know if you jump in you’re gonna have to do that animation, it’s going to be a little bit messy. So throw your bracelet on a jump pad as soon as you spawn, you bounce straight up so you can play that animation. by the time you land, you will be able to shoot people in the face. I think there’s a lot of theory-crafting available for merging different abilities.

You can use a sniper to zoom in to see loot through buildings at a further distance and work out what exactly the purple and cold items are. It is very useful for scanning out an area. Make sure you Ping Loot for your friends. You can ping stuff through walls to make it easier for your teammates to know what stuff is there too.

Another thing is to try to use the outing places that have vertical areas like the cage. The cage is so good for getting a large amount of loot in a small area because the radius is horizontal. It doesn’t take into account verticality. So the vertical range is infinite.

You can also place an Alt near a care package and wait for an enemy to open it. You can’t loot through care packages by default. But as soon as it opens, you can take that Loot so you can just keep an eye out, wait for it to open, and then stay in the ultimate menu and quickly steal Golden items like a golden weapon from enemy players.

I like putting the alt down in the late game, in a really small ring; so I can put it behind cover and then just access it for quick armor swaps because there’s gonna be so many death boxes in the area. You can just quickly swap out to a purple from who knows where and then you will be ready to get straight back into the fight again which is awesome.

let’s say the Zone has pushed you in and you’re unable to get some death boxes from a fight you just won or you can rotate around to a point where you can Loot through walls, and this can be great for getting loot that you can’t otherwise access or putting it down when there’s a fight nearby to try and loot when players get knocked out. It’s a sneaky play and it works well. You just have to pay attention to the radius as they’re trying to place you out to get the best position.

So that’s it for Loba. These are the tips so far. I’ll just be going to playing her a lot more. I think her potential is incredible.

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