Anthony Weiner and Bob Filner? How about we elect Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt in that recall?

Can we get a rim shot here?

Anthony Weiner almost famously said, “The jokes just write themselves,” when he was speaking to reporter Ben Smith from Buzzfeed.

Anthony Weiner when he was a Congressman for New York City. (Photo from Wiki Commons)
Anthony Weiner when he was a Congressman for New York City.
(Photo from Wiki Commons)

Weiner was of course speaking about his sexting scandal and his campaign to be mayor of Gotham City — New York City, if you must be accurate. Smith asked Weiner how this scandal has affected his relationship with his friend and former roommate, late night comedian Jon Stewart. The host of the Daily Show has to tell the jokes and mock the situation or face removal from the Comedians Union, according to Weiner.

The candidate said the media isn’t to blame for this situation, nor are Stewart and his fellow comedians. Weiner took responsibility for the scandal that forced him out of office two years ago and continues to dog him as he tried to get back into public life.

If the vote for mayor of NYC were left up to the voters between the ages of 18-35, Anthony Weiner might very well win. For that demographic group what the former congressman did isn’t all that shocking or, dare we suggest it, abnormal.

For years that age group has been using Twitter and the texting functions on their phones to do exactly what Anthony Weiner has done. They’ve been doing it since they were in high school so sending pictures of yourself naked or nearly naked — or of your genitalia — is old news and quite acceptable behavior.

Of course Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, thinks otherwise. She’s probably bearing the brunt of the embarrassment over this, what most adults would consider to be abnormal and definitely not acceptable behavior

But for those young voters in NYC It’s a shrug of the shoulders. In fact, if you get on Twitter and search the “#friskyfriday” listing you will see hundreds, no, thousands of Twitter users sending photos of their semi-nude to nude bodies to everywhere in the world that can get Twitter. Which is everywhere now.

High school and college students in Shanghai are twerking, their thong-bedazzled butts shaking for 10-second clips of video, the likes of which would make their mommas proud. Men in the very strict Muslim nations love Twitter and Facebook for all the licentious behavior that can be found, anonymously, through those sites.

Twitter-logo2“Frisky Friday,” “Thong Thursday,” the “Tuesday Tease” and “Sunday Funday” have opened up a brand new world of self-produced porn and erotica by fairly anonymous people who have no problem displaying their flesh.

Along with the unknowns are the professional adult stars that like to keep in touch with their fans through Facebook and Twitter, often competing to have the sexiest and naughtiest photos and short videos on Twitter for the frisky, teasing fun days of the week. In fact, it was a Playboy Playmate who invented “Frisky Friday,” Miss November 2010 Shera Bechard.

Playboy Playmates, Penthouse Pets, Hustler Honeys and nude/glamour models galore, they all like Twitter for the fun that comes around with almost daily frequency.

Most of all, men in the U.S. of A. love it because with phony names, like “Perry White” and “Carlos Danger,” we can see and do all sorts of things without exposing ourselves — literally in some cases — to our closest family and friends.

The vast majority of these men lead lives of quiet desperation, finding release for their pent up angst, sexual and otherwise, through the anonymous portal that is the Internets of the World Wide Web.

They don’t flash pictures of themselves and we should be grateful for that. Do we really need to see a 57-year old man with a belly flap doing the Macarena while nude? We don’t even want to see him in one of those Spandex-like bicycle-racing outfits that look good on professionals, but not so much on the rest of us.

  • Note to the dudes on their suped-up Cannondale, Trek, Giant and Specialized road bikes: you really, truly do not look good in those replica Team Garmin-Sharp, or Cofidis, Euskatel-Euskadi, Sky Procycling, or Astana bicycle racing outfits unless you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of eight or less. Please stop wearing those tight outfits. The rest of us who use the roadways are beyond offended. At least wear a loose-fitting T-shirt.

Yes, maybe it’s a blessing in this digital age that their lives remain desperately quiet.

But that is not the case with Carlos Danger, aka, Anthony Weiner. He’s desperately trying to be seen so he not so quietly sends photos of his body to willing recipients who reply in kind.

The woman who tweeted and sexted with Carlos Danger, aka Anthony Weiner, (From her Facebook page)
The woman who tweeted and sexted with Carlos Danger, aka Anthony Weiner,
(From her Facebook page)

Now he is desperately trying to win an election to be the Mayor of New York. If all he needed were the young people, he would be in like Flynn. “So what if he flashes his dick on Twitter, everybody does it.”

Think about it: in just a few short decades sexual peccadillos will not be a factor whatsoever in the decision to elect someone to office. Guarantee it: before I pass from this warming Earth we will elect to Congress — or even the U.S. Senate — a woman who was actively and openly working in the adult (or porn if you prefer) business. And she will not be ashamed to admit it.

But that is not the case today. Anthony Weiner is the tip of the iceberg, that tiny pebble of a snowball that will pick up steam as it rolls down the hill, gaining momentum and weight as it goes.

Weiner will not become Mayor of New York, but when he runs for Congress again, which he will surely do, his Tweeting ways will be old news and the majority of voters just won’t care — unless of course he develops a belly flap and tweets pictures of his flabby excess. That is surely a sign of poor judgment and nobody wants to elect someone guilty of that.

Mayor Bob Filner's official Mayoral portrait. (Wiki Commons)
Mayor Bob Filner’s official Mayoral portrait.
(Wiki Commons)

Except in San Diego. We elected to the office of Mayor a man that appears to be a sexual predator. Granted, we didn’t know at the time Bob Filner (allegedly) sexually assaulted his female co-workers and constituents. If we had he wouldn’t have even made it out of the primaries. Sexual assault is a little more serious than tweeting pics of your penis to your least closest friends and admirers.

One can surmise, or more accurately I might suggest, the thought going through Filner’s mind — and therefore his camp — is: once San Diegans get over these revelations it too will become old news and no one will care. He will be in the clear to march on as the first Democrat Mayor of San Diego in 20 years.

Filner is hoping we will forget about it, like we do every other bit of “BIG NEWS” that comes down the pike. And we will, unless of course he continues his boorish, and from the descriptions of a few of these alleged assaults, criminal behavior.

But who knows really? South Carolinians re-elected the Appalachian Trail man, Mark Sanford to Congress after he admitted to cheating on his wife and kids with a mistress from Argentina.

Republicans Congressman Mark Sanford of North Carolina (top) and David Vitter of Louisiana. (Photos via Wiki Commons)
Republicans Congressman Mark Sanford of North Carolina (top) and David Vitter of Louisiana.
(Photos via Wiki Commons)

But that’s South Carolina and in that First Congressional District any creep is better than a Democrat, as long as that creep is a Republican; even if said GOPer is proven to be a conservative in word only.

For those kind of Republicans talking the talk is all that matters and if by some quirk of fate they get a candidate that walks the talk, then by golly, that’s just gravy on them meat and potatoes. “Mark Sanford, well, he ain’t my first choice but he sure beats the comedian’s sister.”

Then there is Senator David Vitter. For all we know he could still be doing prostitutes two at a time. Pros are, by nature, discreet. They might get a few minutes of fame by snitching on a well-known and powerful client, but it will kill their business, so they don’t snitch. Men who seek out high-price call girls do so because they can normally rely on their silence.

Vitter wasn’t found out because a disgruntled call girl sent his name and photo to the Washington Post. Nope, the “D.C. Madam,” Deborah Jeane Palfrey, was busted and they found Vitter’s phone number in the woman’s little black book.

Then he went on TV and did his Mea Culpas with his faithful wife at his side and all was good in the Louisiana Kingdom of Vitter. He not only stayed in office, he’s been re-elected.

So why not Bob Filner? You can say David Vitter and Mark Sanford were all engaged in consensual affairs, but did their wives consent?

Just to set it straight: I’m not really defending Mayor Bob Filner or his behavior. Sex scandal aside, he has not been a great mayor so far. He got into a fight with the local hoteliers and their supporters in the city council over an agreement that would extend the city’s funding of the Tourism Marketing District for nearly 40 years.

The agreement was created and ready to be signed while Jerry Sanders was still mayor, but he wasn’t able to sign it. Filner balked at signing it until the hoteliers agreed on some changes that would benefit the locals who work for the big corporations that manage the tourist industry in San Diego.

San Diego City Hall (Photo from Flickr)
San Diego City Hall
(Photo from Flickr)

Granted, the local press is pretty much pro-GOP, so Filner came off looking bad, but he could have appealed directly to San Diegans and their sense of fair play when it comes to good-paying jobs for the locals.

In fact, after the sex scandal, Filner’s worst characteristic is that he appears to be aloof from the every day resident of this fine city. People don’t connect to him the way a local politician should. But, all things being equal, neither did his predecessor, Jerry Sanders.

The sex scandal though has taken the focus off Filner’s poor performance as mayor. He really hasn’t done anything to hang his hat on, something that city residents can look at and say, “Yeah, he’s a deviant pervert, but …”

Sadly, recalling Filner, which may be the only way to get him out of office, will only put another Republican at the top of City Hall. That means developers (and other big business) will control the city’s business.

At least Filner made them work a little to get their city funding. And let’s face it: this is San Diego and we love tourism and tourists so we should help fund the efforts to get more people to spend their vacay dollars here.

Who knows how much longer Filner can afford to be an embarrassment to San Diego? The recall effort officially kicked off and the paid petitioners are now out collecting signatures to get a recall election scheduled.

Personally, I don’t sign petitions for special elections or ballot initiatives. Giving voters the ability to write the laws is a terrible way to manage the government. Examples: the “Three Strikes” law and “Prop 13.” Those two laws have nearly bankrupted the state.

Hugh M. Hefner and Larry Flynt. Could either of them get elected Mayor of San Diego? (Photos via Wiki Commons)
Hugh M. Hefner and Larry Flynt. Could either of them get elected Mayor of San Diego?
(Photos via Wiki Commons)

And recalls can backfire big time — remember Arnold Schwarzenegger? Not only did he have affairs and commit acts of sexual harassment on the sets of his movies, he also left office with California in worse shape than when he took office in that 2003 recall election that ousted Governor Gray Davis.

It’s six of one, half dozen of another. Do we stick with the devil we know, or do we take a chance on the one we don’t know? I don’t know, maybe we can get Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt to relocate to Sandy Eggo. We know all the dirt about these two guys so there wouldn’t be any startling revelations and you can bet either one as mayor would elevate San Diego’s profile on Frisky Fridays.

Just a thought.