Analogies of Life

Life is like the changing seasons

always searching for the reasons

Life is like a coming storm

clouds the anger, thunder the scorn

But soon it passes and a rainbow appears

and that heart of mine quickly adheres

To that love of mine that I want so near

the thought of losing I often feared

Life is like a blazing fire

So much mystery it makes you wiser

Life is like a forgotten dream

things look familiar so they seem

Life is like the deep blue sea

holding secrets we’d like to free

Life is like a falling leaf

carrying silence from the tree

But the flower of life is in our hearts

the love it spreads is just a start

The seeds have flourished through everyman

rising above this promised land

Life is like the rising sun

changing faces with each day to come

Life is like a summer breeze

sometimes drifting aimlessly

Life is like a glossy lake

reflecting beauty seen two ways

Life is like a voice in the wind

repeating thoughts time and again

So what is life and what is living

the answer lies deep within

So reach inside and you may find

all it takes is a little sunshine