AJDaGuru, One Of Many Affected By Deadly Texas Storm Aftermath

The state of Texas has been affected drastically after a winter storm left many trapped in their home with no electricity, water, and food. Although Texans were warned about the storm ahead of time, no one expected it to be as bad as it was. As of today, 22 deaths have been confirmed due to the winter weather.

Texas singer, AJDaGuru, happens to be a victim of the storm. He spent Thursday morning driving around Central Texas trying to locate a gas station with functioning pumps. Two hours later, he pulled into a Copperas Cove 7-Eleven that had over four functioning pumps. But what should’ve been a sign of relief quickly changed to frustration.

AJDaGuru (Courtesy photo)

While 7-Eleven did offer gas, their gas was now running from a reserve tank due to a shortage. This caused the gas to pump extremely slow, leaving customers at the pump for over an hour just to drive off with half a tank of gas. Many customers drove into town from surrounding cities, including Kempner, Gatesville, Belton, Harker Heights, and Temple, due to the shortage of gas in their county.

AJ and his family were fortunate enough to have running cold and hot water, electricity, and plenty of food – but some of his neighbors didn’t have as much luck. One morning, he opened his kitchen blinds when he noticed his elder neighbor scooping snow into a pot. The woman later told AJ she boiled the water so she could wash her dishes.

Due to temperatures dropping low as 1 degree, many pipes froze for days at a time, leaving homeowners in despair. He took the opportunity to refill his neighbor’s pot numerous times at his home to help her and her family, who were all staying at her house due to the electricity being knocked out at theirs. Many Texas residents have resorted to sleeping in their cars to ensure warmth for their family, while others simply suffered and dealt with the record-dropping temperatures in their homes.

Many people have been without power and water in their homes for almost a week, but now Texas is offering a bit of relief to those in need. Dallas and Fort Worth have teamed up together to provide emergency shelters and warming stations for residents and their pets. Food Banks have also stepped up and are now offering cereal, bread, milk, canned goods, juice, and many other items to help families put meals together.

Sadly enough, community Walmart’s and HEB’s have been faced with significant food shortages and are unsure when their next truck delivery will arrive. Monday night, Walmart announced that 456 of their stores were temporarily closed because of the weather conditions and power outages. Amazon, FedEx, and UPS have also closed many of their facilities, causing packages to be delivered weeks after the original arrival date.

When will Texans get some relief from the disaster that is currently taking place? Only time will tell.