A lovey evening of poetry readings in Hampden (Hon)

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Kathleen O’Toole, Madeleine Mysko, Ann LoLordo, Christine Higgins

Saturday evening was, indeed, a delightful time to enjoy some poetry readings. The event was held at the “Art Gallery of Fells Point on the Avenue.” Previously located in historic Fells Point, its new location is 825 W. 36th Street.

Participating in the readings were four talented poets; Christine Higgins, Ann LoLordo, Madeleine Mysko and Kathleen O’Toole.

The four are also the co-authors of a splendid book of poetry entitled: “In the Margins: A Conversation in Poetry.” Critic Elisabeth Spires said about it: “Like voices in a choir, this beautifully modulated quartet can sing in harmony or rise to the demand of a solo, so that the collection, taken as a whole, is even larger, richer, and more resonant than its parts.”

Most of the poetry that they read was from their book. A few were from newer works.

The “Art Gallery” is a co-op run by 17 artists, including the four poets cited above. The shop has an outdoor patio.

“In the Margins: A Conversation in Poetry” is published by Cherry Grove Collections, Middletown, Delaware.